Buying tip: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and free Galaxy Buds


Buying tip: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and free Galaxy Buds

If you purchased the Galaxy Note 10 in the coming weeks, you can get free Galaxy Buds from Samsung. Here you can learn how to participate in promotions and how to get buds. Please note: you can only participate this weekend (until January 5)!

Galaxy Note 10 with free Galaxy Buds
Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are the most complete Samsung phones you can buy today. Nice big screen, fast hardware, great camera, great battery life-they aren’t cheap, but you still get something. If you buy Note 10 (Plus) now, you will get Samsung’s own wireless Bluetooth headset worth 149 Euros for free. Not only are these premium headphones, they can also be wirelessly charged from the Note 10 itself.

To receive them, you need to do and know a few things:

You must purchase Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus during the promotion period from December 9, 2020 to January 5, 2020
If you buy the device at Samsung’s own store HERE, you will receive Buds directly in your order
Do you buy in other stores? You must then register your participation on Samsung’s promotional page (up to January 20th)
After you leave your device at home, you must upload a copy of the receipt / invoice and a photo of the barcode on the promotion page. EAN code and IMEI number must be visible on this barcode on the package
Samsung says it will work to send Galaxy Buds within six weeks of completing the registration.
You can also get support for participating promotion pages from Samsung itself. You will also find the exact conditions of the promotion there.
Regarding participation, it doesn’t matter if you buy it separately or purchase a subscription for 10
Please note:

If you purchased the original Galaxy Note 10 (Plus) in the Netherlands instead of an imported device, you will only receive Galaxy Buds. In many stores you always buy real Dutch models:

Samsung’s own store-Note: Here you will receive Buds directly in your order
Media market
Cool blue
T mobile
If you buy the Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus elsewhere, make sure the store sells Dutch-style devices. You can easily identify whether the store itself is also advertising through this promotion. If the promotion is not mentioned, you must check before purchasing the device. This way you can avoid disappointment later.

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