5 Salon Services Singles Can Get to Pamper Themselves


5 Salon Services Singles Can Get to Pamper Themselves

Are you living the life of single blessedness? If you are, then it’s all the more reason to indulge in things that can bring more love, life, and laughter into your life.

One of these activities is going to a top-notch salon to shower yourself with salon services that will make you feel beautiful inside and out. From hairstyling services to the many different salon packages designed to fill you with delight, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to pampering yourself.

Salon Services for the Single Ladies

Some people think that being single is something they would want to avoid experiencing. However, a lot of single people would beg to differ. Some single ladies are perfectly happy without a partner. Many choose to be single because it allows them to be carefree and to live unencumbered with concerns that people in coupled relationships have.

Being single is seen as a blessing by some women because they can do whatever they want without thinking about what their partner would say. Going to the salon, for example, is a rewarding activity that can be enjoyed either solo or with other single friends.

If you find yourself in the state of singlehood and are wondering what you can do to love yourself, then visiting a salon should be on top of the list. A reputable salon nowadays can offer you so much more than just a cut or a manicure. These days, you can find top-tier salons to be havens of peace or zones of fun, depending on what you crave.

From getting unique and fun hair designs to enjoying an array of spa services, there are plenty of pampering options you can find in a forward-thinking salon. Here are some of the top choices singles can choose from:

1. Hair Styling Services

Hair can be one’s crowning glory, and because of this, it must be kept healthy and fabulous all the time. When you require pampering, or you are simply in the mood to prettify yourself, visit your hairstylist. Not only will a haircut or a new hairstyle make you look good, but it can also help you feel better. Plus, experts do say you need to get a trim at least every three to four months.

Single people can go to a salon to spend some precious alone time while getting their hair some lovin’. Pamper your tresses with hair treatments such as a Brazilian blowout or one that uses macadamia nut extract to nourish and moisturize your hair deeply.

Aside from the usual wash and blow-dry, you can also choose to have your hair styled. From casual up-styles to more fantastic mermaid or unicorn braids, there’s a roster of choices that will make your hair look captivating.

2. Facials

Have you been stressed out at work lately? Wipe out the wrinkles and replace them with a satisfied smile as you put your face under a professional’s hands. These days, top salons also offer facial services that will reinvigorate your skin and let your inherent glow shine through.

Expert aestheticians can read your face and prescribe what facial will best suit your needs. Whether it’s a deep facial to restore vitality or a smart facial that addresses skin aging concerns, the wonders of skin science can work their magic on your skin.

Blackhead relief, face whitening, microdermabrasion, intensive extraction, skin-calming — there are plenty more to choose from. Simply book an appointment and get ready for a facial session that will soothe your soul.

3. Makeup, Brows, and Lash Services

If you feel like you want to have a quick glow up, going to the salon can be an ideal solution. You can get yourself made up in no time under the expert hands of professional make-up artists.

There is also a menu of services that will give you bedazzling brows and luscious lashes. For beautifully sculpted brows, you can look to brow specialists to groom your eyebrows using high-precision techniques that include micro-waxing, threading, tinting, and the use of superior high-definition brow products. You can also ask the salon’s brow experts to recommend the best brow regrowth plan for those with sparse brows.

Be ready to flaunt come-hither lashes after you’ve paid a visit to a top salon’s lash expert. You can choose darkened lashes with lash tinting or have lash extensions expertly attached by lash specialists. You can also go for a more natural look with a lash treatment that gives your lashes length, volume, and lift.

4. Body Treatments

Give your body that well-deserved pampering by visiting a top salon and choosing from their menu of spa services. Go alone, a gal pal, or with a posse of single ladies and sashay your way to a soothing spa session.

Massage your worries away by choosing any of the following: aroma hot stone massage, back massage, deep tissue massage, Indian head massage, reflexology, or the salon’s signature well-being massage. Any one would be perfect for soothing tired muscles and calming frayed nerves.

You can also add body-waxing services while you’re at it to get that silky smooth feeling all over.  From full-face threading to a bikini wax, you can confidently strut down the beach or the boardroom, knowing you have no unwanted facial or body hair.

Should you want to go glam, you can also have body jewels applied in either 24K gold or pure silver. These safe, temporary, and water-resistant designs can last up until seven days, depending on your skin type and how you care for the jewels.

5. Hands and Feet Services

Flutter your fingers and wiggle your toes with poise as you flaunt well-manicured nails. It doesn’t matter if you go for the classic manicure and pedicure or choose to go the more adventurous route with acrylics, gel polish, nail art, or semi-permanent nails. Under the care of nail professionals, you are sure that you’ll be waving like the queen that you are.

Add to that hand and foot services like hand and foot massages or paraffin and callus removal, and your hands and feet will surely look and feel happy and nourished.

Love Yourself

Being single is a perfect opportunity to love yourself. It gives you more time to spend quality moments discovering yourself and finding ways to practice self-care. Treating and pampering yourself once in a while is an excellent way to care for your mind, soul, and body, and helps make you a fun, fabulous, and fierce single female.


Hillary Kozma is the Owner/Managing Director/Creative Director of Kozma & Kozma Salon. Having built the foundation of her skills with an apprenticeship under a direct protege of Vidal Sassoon, Hillary, and her husband opened Glow American Salon in Qatar in 2007 before expanding to Dubai as Kozma & Kozma in 2016. Hillary is hailed by the media as a “pioneer in her field” for introducing new talents, concepts, philosophies, and techniques to the Middle East.

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