Why I would choose a Projector rather than a TV for my bedroom


Why I would choose a Projector rather than a TV for my bedroom


So you have been thinking about getting extra entertainment media gadget for your home? Specifically for your bedroom? Your main concern is if it’s modern enough and cost-effective? The options for entertainment are many, but few are fitting. For example, the choice between a TV and a Movie Projector? Why would you choose a Movie Projector when TV’s are easily available? Perhaps we can highlight some of the real advantages that will swing your decision in this article. Could it be that Movie Projectors screens, Theatre Projectors and Film Projectors come with benefits that you didn’t know were possible?  For example, modern projectors can totally support your Netflix addiction and not limited to it either. Here are some of the reasons why choosing a projector as an alternative to television works.

Perfect space solution for a bedroom

Modern Film projectors are manufactured smaller these days because space is premium worldwide, wasting precious wall or floor space, just doesn’t make sense anymore. Our living spaces are smaller than they used to be.  Movie projector screens don’t have to make use of massive space on your limited wall or floor space. Unfortunately, when choosing a TV for your bedroom over a movie projector, you either have to mount it to the wall, or you will need to have a stand that is bulky and cumbersome for the TV to be in the room. Modern Theatre and Movie Projectors, especially the ones with retractable screens, can be mounted anywhere and anytime, including a ceiling, making lying on your bed and watching your favorite series, so enjoyable and easy. On the other hand, the actual projector can be put onto a small shelf in your room, taking up no space at all.

Portable and light

Once you have mounted your TV, it’s difficult to move.  The wonderful thing about Movie Projectors is that the modern ones can fit into backpacks- so taking your entertainment anywhere, anytime is an advantage… If you decide to share your Movie projector with friends- you could create a wonderful large movie screen in the backyard during the summer and holidays. Create your drive- in the ambiance at home easily with a modern Movie Projector- pairing it with popcorn and sodas.

Pet and Child safe

Because your film projector is small, compact and easy to store, you need not to worry about your younger brother or sister, or children and doggie tails knocking it over. As it happens, these modern Movie projectors are very durable and made to last. TV’s tend to be more fragile.

Enhancers movie nights

In the old days, our parents would convert the sitting room or bedroom into a place where they could spread out and invite friends over for a movie night. Blankets and pillows would be strewn all over the place, popcorn would be popping on the stove and the projector would be humming out (noisily) the movie of the month. Modern technology designed for the Theatre and Movie projectors today can reproduce a similar ambiance. The atmosphere can be recreated, with a silent projector, taking up a small amount of space and allowing for a fabulous movie night experience with family or friends. Cuddling is often the by-product of these wonderful movie nights.


At this stage, if you are going to compare like for like in regards to screen size, then without a doubt the Projector is the way to go in regards to value for money. So for example, you can get an 80 inch TV screen which will cost you around $1500. Compare this to the 100-inch screen capacity of the Movie Projector and you will pay $1000 or less. Needless to say, screen size is often the deciding factor for purchase for entertainment at home.

Resolution Quality

Because of the capacity for the size of the Movie Projector screen with Theatre Projectors, the resolution is much better than a TV.  This means with all the strain that we inflict on our eyes, which could be from our phones, iPads, laptops, and computers, the less eye strain the better and in this case the Projector actually benefits your eyesight, not harming it.


Whether it be a Film Projector, Theatre Projector or Movie Projector, whichever, you will be making a smart choice. Space being a premium as it is nowadays is often a deciding factor for this route for entertainment media gadgets. Consumers, are going for bigger screens and thankfully projectors allow for this and because the pixels are not compressed, the resolution in regards to watching your entertainment on a projector does really make a difference to both pleasure and your eyesight. Budget plays a role for the discerning buyer who wants to have size and budget as an attribute to making a decision. Being a young person today and often on the move, the easy transportation of your projector for fabulous movie nights with friends, has to be a bonus. Arriving at your friend’s house with a backpack and setting up a Movie projector anytime and anyplace is great. The ambiance of watching a movie on a projector is completely different from watching TV on the couch in the sitting room.  The Movie projector recreates a feeling of nostalgia but with all the modern amenities that technology has to offer today.

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