Vine Receives First Playstore Update Vine Playstore Update


Vine Receives First Playstore Update vine playstore update


vine playstore update



Vine Receives First Playstore Update Arriving at the PlayStore  earlier this month(vine playstore update) , Vine will life really hard to counter the dominance of Instagram that a few days ago, has also implemented the sharing of video . Motion pictures, therefore, are no longer exclusive to the social app of Twitter, perhaps to regain its users (and get in sync with the version for iOS!), Today received a substantial upgrade-vine playstore update .Vine Receives First Playstore Update Vine Playstore Update.


Vine Receives First Playstore Update Vine Playstore Update


The enhancements are several and let’s read together from the official changelog:

  • >>Search for users and hashtags
  • >>Share on Facebook
  • >>Improvements to the capture rate of the movie and the audio / video synchronization
  • >>Clear Cache option available in the Settings menu
  • >>Other bug fixes and improvements in the UI

In short, a strong refreshed to an app already very good, but the question is more than legitimate: Vine able to carve out a slice of users in an already saturated market where Instagram is the master?

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