Total War release in Summer


Total War release in Summer


According to Sega Total War appears: Attila on 17 February 2015. The independently executable offshoot of Rome 2 deals with the arrival of the Huns in Europe and the Decline of the Roman Empire.

Total War release in Summer
Total War release in Summer

Sega has dated the fall of the Roman Empire daily basis: According to the publisher appears Total War: Attila on 17 February 2015 for the PC. In Store the publisher also been running the pre-order for Rs. So you can still secure the DLC “The Viking Forefathers Culture Pack”. In brief, the booking must also via Steam are available.

The independent offshoot of Total War: Rome 2 was announced in September. Title factor it is about Attila the “Hun,” which swoops down to 400 n. Chr. With his horsemen throughout Europe. Players can make the threat to the last vestiges of the Roman Empire or another people take in order to break away from his clutches.

A detailed overview of the new features of Attila exist in our preview.


Total War: Attila
The campaign map in Total War: Attila should now be colored more seasonal – instead of the sequence brown-black-brown-white should now reflect the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, the better.

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