Top 5 Effective Mobile SEO Strategies


Top 5 Effective Mobile SEO Strategies


Todays market the Latest smartphones and tablet computers have replaced age-old traditional phones with their updated technology. Usage of smartphones has increased like never before and these days everyone has a smart phone powered with latest operating systems like Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich. Every user wants to update him/her. And he/she use smartphones or tablet phones. Smartphones have changed the standard of living, besides providing a comfortable platform for most of the web users who use mobile for internet searches or who are web savvy.

Traditional SEO strategy involves improving content, tags and keywords to attract the target visitors to your site. But for mobile SEO strategy, it is bit different. The number one search engine “Google” has employed Google bot-Mobile, a special crawler to increase the coverage of mobile content to create better search experience for mobile users. So employing current and powerful mobile SEO strategies has become imperative for online businesses.

Select the right and best keywords:

Mobile phone and Smartphone users prefer to use small and shorter phrases and keywords for searching anything on the web. Start thinking from the customer/reader’s point of view to understand their requirements and full fill their requirements. Based on their requirements you should keep optimized keywords in meta titles and descriptions.

Use attractive website design techniques:

Create a responsive website design that will be suitable for all types of gadgets to create best-user experience. Apply the latest website designing techniques to capture the attention of search engines as well as the customers.

Make your mobile website search engine friendly:

Make sure that your mobile website is meeting the criteria employed by search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo. To meet the highest ranking on the SERP (search engine result page), you have to use webpage versions that are mobile-friendly, demonstrate genuine content, follow white-hat on-page optimization techniques and believes in visitor/reader engagement.

Link building:

 Link building for your mobile sites with other related sites to gain the attention of search engines. To improve the visibility on SERP, present mobile sitemap to the search engines. And get best result after the link building.



 User has to re-evaluate your SEO strategies regularly to be on par with the tough competition in the internet world. In competition line every website has want to be a good SEO (Search engine optimization). Update your site with fresh SEO strategies which are constantly changing.

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