Top 5 Android Best Games


Top 5 Android Best Games ( March)


  1. Angry Birds: Star Wars
  2. TempleRun 2
  3. Mini Ninjas
  4. Angry Birds Rio
  5. Cut the Rope: Experiments


Angry Birds: Star Wars:-

Over View:-

In google android market The best Angry Birds Game just added a new chapter in Angry Birds called Cloud Cite (Chapter Name).  In this chapter we will find 20 new Levels. We will find a new Gas planet filled with floating cities. In this planet appear some new character BobaFett and other.

BobaFett missions can be unlocked after finding the five thrusters that are hidden in the levels.


Google Play Link:- Angry Birds: Star Wars



TempleRun 2:-


The Top Number 1 Android game Temple Run 2 upgraded during the month of March and although didn´t incorporated, great innovations it did corrected some application errors and added some interesting elements.

In this game, it improves and solved overall performance and improves the power-ups. Finally the other improvement of this update brought a reward system daily and weekly that will make the game more entertaining and dynamic


Google Play Link:- Temple Run 2



Mini Ninjas:-


Mini Ninjas is a rare game, in this game user (player) assume the role of hero and his/her friends, and we must go around collecting coins. It is rare to see from developer Square Enix that is not RPG.

When you (user) play this game, we will also be able to build Kuji energy. Your power is held by releasing trapped animals. Use your power and destroying obstacles. In this game (mini ninjas) user, have total 4 heroes which you may use. Each Hero with its own style of combat, magic and special weapon.


Google Play Link:- Mini Ninjas



Angry Birds Rio:-


Angry Birds Rio received an update during the month of March, this is Market Mayhem which incorporates 36 new levels, new fruits to collect and more!

The new episode is set in a market with awnings and fruits. Marmosets are wreaking havoc in the market and our mission is to stop them.

The update includes 36 new levels (between standard and special) and 15 fruits you will use for unlocking new bonus levels.



 Google Play Link:- Angry Birds Rio



Cut the Rope: Experiments:-


The android best game Cut the Rope: Experiments has been updated with the inclusion of a new character (with new faces) in the puzzles, ants. Now we must adapt our wit to pass the levels and bring the candy to the tender Om Nom.

Now, in this game Cut the Rope: Experiments we can use ants to drag the candy through different locations to reach Om Nom, but some caring need in this game because as we facilitate the transportation also can cause problems if we are not careful. A new form of play that definitely adds something interesting to the already popular title.


Google Play Link:- Cut the Rope: Experiments

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