The Brickyard means to Indy 500


The Brickyard means to Indy 500

With the 103rd run of the Indianapolis 500 almost here, NBC Sports recently contacted several Indy 500 award-winning drivers and owners to hear their views on such a special event. Click on the link below to see what each Indy 500 legend says:

103RD INDIANAPOLIS 500: Click here to see how to watch and complete the daily schedule

Mario Andretti

For Mario Andretti, winning the Indianapolis 500 is a 13-year-old boy’s dream. He praised the race traditions unmatched by other major sporting events.

Michael Andretti

Five Indy 500-winning boss Michael Andretti shared his first memories of 1969 with NBC Sports, when his father won and called IMS “the sacred foundation”, the first of which was the individual dreaming. .

Roger Pansk

Roger Penske remembers that his first Indy 500 victory was his racing team’s “game change rules.” The 17 winning bosses called the Indianapolis Motor Speedway “the basis for all competitions.”

Bobby Unser

“If these bricks can talk, you won’t believe what they will say,” Bobby Unser, who won the Indianapolis 500 three times and won the Indy 500 for the second time, he said.

Dario Franchitti

The three-year Indy 500 champion Dario Franchitti explained to NBC Sports why The Brickyard means so much, and year after year touches the family relationship associated with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Rick Mills

The four-time Indianapolis 500 champion Rick Mills said his success at IMS surpassed his biggest dream. He does not understand the importance of winning the IndyCar “Super Bowl.”

Johnny Rutherford

The three-time Indianapolis 500 champion Johnny Rutherford explained to NBC Sports why the Indianapolis circuit is the “best place” for every Memorial Day weekend.

Panelli Jones

Indianapolis 500 champion Panelli Jones explained why the important day of 1963 was “the greatest thing he could do” and he “will never be better than the day they entered Victory Lane.” “”

The 103rd game of the Indianapolis 500 began at 9 am Eastern Time on Sunday, and then moved to NBC at 11 am Eastern Time.

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