Social Media Marketing Course


Social Media Marketing Course


Social Media Marketing Course
Social Media Marketing Course


Over view:-

“Social Media Marketing” is one of the  new  courses offered by Gruppo HTML. The course objective is to share the most innovative marketing strategies and business communications conveyed through the use of Social Media marketing. Such knowledge is integrated with an in-depth description the most advanced social networking platforms needed to generate:

  • Mutual benefits to the company and its target group of reference, in terms of positioning, brand awareness, engagement marketing;
  • Competitive advantage through the promotion of brands, products and events related to the activities carried out by the company and its partners.

Who is it for:-

Executives of large, small and medium-sized enterprises:

  • Marketing Managers / Communication of large, small and medium enterprises operating or intending to operate in the field of sport to promote brands / products making use of new channels of connection with actual or potential target group.
  • Advertising Agencies, communication and public relations.
  • Computer companies that offer marketing consultancy for companies.
  • Website developers.
  • Professional marketing and communications.
  • Company specialized in the organization of events.
  • University students.
  • Professionals working in the field of digital innovation.

A careful reading of the program allows you to assess whether the course meets your needs. 

Minimum System Requirements:-

To follow successful in this course requires a basic knowledge of using the computer and surfing the internet.

E ‘useful, but not required to have basic knowledge in the field of marketing and communication applied to digital media.

Teaching material and gadgets:-

To complete the training offer each student will be given a full-bodied teaching materials both paper form or in digital form.


Social Media Marketing Course
Social Media Marketing Course


Warning:  the textbook, in view of the availability and reprints available at the time of the course, could be replaced by a similar publication. Included in the price of the course, will be provided:

Two coffee breaks for each day of the course, which will allow you to maintain the proper concentration. 
Each student will receive some gadgets with brand Group HTML needed for the good conduct of the course:

  • A notepad for taking notes
  • A pen

Hardware and software equipment

Classrooms equipped with a personal computer for each student will be available to participants in the course. 
Course “Social Media Marketing” does not require the use of special software. 


The Social Media Marketing course at a cost of € 330.00 + VAT .

The price includes:

  • coffee breaks;
  • gadgets;
  • teaching materials;
  • a certificate of participation.

For those who have already participated in the past in any of the courses is a discount of 10%.

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