Seven skills that are necessary to be a good designer


Seven skills that are necessary to be a good designer

Motion graphics and animation which was previously limited to the entertainment industry has made its way into every other industry including architecture, education, marketing and more. Today animation is an important tool for user experience and branding. Just like a logo design an animated video can say a lot about your brand, product and the personality of your business. Whether you are a beginner in the industry or have reached the advanced level of motion graphics, there are a certain set of skills that every designer must master to become a master at motion graphic designing.

In this article, you are going to find ten essential skills that a motion graphic designer needs to produce next level motion graphic design and help them to succeed in their career.

Graphic design skills

It is one of the most significant skills that a motion graphic designer needs to master. After all, motion graphic is all about bringing the graphics features to life through animation. Providing yourself with the knowledge of graphic design can give you new opportunities allowing you to push your boundaries in motion graphics. This can help you especially when you are a freelancer providing video animation service, as you can be asked to not only animate virtual elements but also to create them. This may not be necessary if you are working at an agency. However, it can open up better opportunities for you considering your skills and expertise.

Traditional art skills

Having the knowledge of art in design is essential especially during the designing process as it can provide you an insight on how to communicate with the audience. During the process of making a visual piece, an easy way out is to make a sketch on a piece of paper than to make it on a computer only to figure out of it is working. Sketches can provide you time to brainstorm numerous ideas so you can make the designing process faster. On the other hand, you don’t even have to feel bad about tossing away a sketch as you didn’t spend much time on it.

Comprehensive knowledge for animation

As a motion graphic design, you must be able to bring 2D elements to life through movements. In order to do this, you must understand animation and its role in motion graphics as it is much more than setting keyframes in order. You must be knowledgeable about the fundamentals of animation and the basic movements to make the video more appealing for the viewer. You must know where to exaggerate, where to ease out, and key timings of the movements. The principles of animation apply to a motion graphic designer as much as they do to a character animator. Character animation and motion graphics go together, and in order to be the best in the industry, you must master the principles of animation.

An understanding of 3d design

3D animation has found its way into motion graphics, and they are being used not only to entertain but to advertise by video animation services providers for better marketing. Some examples of 3D design include 3D logos, an intro to a TV show, a commercial and more. In order to succeed as a motion graphic designer, you need to become a skilled professional at 3D design. Although it takes a lot of time and practice, it can provide you an opportunity to thrive as a skilled motion graphic designer.

Mastery Typographic skills

Typography is extensively utilized in the design and often becomes a driving force of motion graphics. For example, a design that markets a product, services, or brand through typographic videos. It is essential for a designer to understand the virtual features that make a typeface, which can complement the design, and the easiest type font for the audience to understand. Using the right typeface can send your design to the next level.

Comprehensive knowledge of the color theory

You motion design can make or break a company. How? Well, for starters it can be said that every motion design has a color factor in it and colors have their associations which have a deep effect on the psyche of a human. Every color used in the design can convey a message to the audience without uttering a word. For example, if you run a coffee shop and its winter time, you can celebrate it with grey, blue and white colors to make it look all wintery. Alternatively, you can use red, orange or yellow to define summer colors making them feel passion and hunger at the same time.

Creative thinking

Being a motion graphic designer, it is your job to be creative at your work. You may not have enough information to describe a company, but your creativity can work through the little facts playing the words into motion, creating a simple idea into a complex design.

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