Reasons Why You Need Parental Control Software


Reasons Why You Need Parental Control Software

Why parental control is important?

Parental control apps are no more a surprise element in families. Globally, Parents have accepted and enforced parental controls at home. Apps like Bit Guardian Parental control are being heavily utilized for combating smartphone addiction and securing kids.

But, why do parents need parental controls? And, which dangers are they securing kids?

Internet and the digital world are bloated with explicit and adult contents which are harmful and unsuitable for kids. In spite of implementing Internet filters, kids have been successful in getting their hands on all types of inappropriate contents and prone to cybersecurity threats.  Even after all the available internet restrictions for children, parental control apps are much more suitable for kids for their overall digital safety.

Let us see why and where parental control apps are needed.

Top 6 reasons for considering parental control software

Are you worried about your kids’ cell phone addiction? Well, let us remind you this is not the only danger lurking around your kids. Listed here are more reasons why you need a parental control app in the technology era:

  1. Time Management

Media and digital gadgets are fascinating and far more distracting than you can imagine. In an era, where adults can quickly lose track of time, browsing the internet, imagine how difficult it can get for kids.

Hours of cell phone usage and internet surfing does not allow children to concentrate on significant moments and essential tasks in life. Either kid is too busy enjoying cell phone services or utterly isolated from the real world because of social awkwardness, this lousy habit spoils kids’ valuable time and distracts them from key activities like academics. Parental control app for Time schedule is an excellent technique many parents have opted to bar kids’ excessive screen time.

  1. Online footprint

The internet is flooded with posts and pictures of random things, places, and names. Kids are a big part of the flooding internet drama, where posting and sharing of contents are performed without any thought. Yes, the online footprint has repercussions in ways we cannot predict. It may ruin your kids’ dream to get into an ivy college or be a reason to receive cyber bully threats.

What kids fail to realize is that whatever they delete online stays online, nothing is deleted forever. Kids need to be cautious about being responsible online citizens and create a decent profile.

  1. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats are not a new thing. Cyber risks have been there for a decade and penetrated more into our lives. Kids are the worst affected ones, because of lack of knowledge and self-control (you know what we mean).

Small mistakes like multiple devices for social media accounts can be dangerous and give online attackers secure gateways into your data. Malware and virus attacks are getting increasingly common and mostly targeted on kids.

  1. Addiction

Parents are worried about kids’ irresponsible behavior with gadgets and internet browsing. Not only kids lose track of time (we mentioned in our first point) but most importantly spoils physical and mental health.

We are not saying, deprive kids of technology but strike the right balance between gadgets and lifestyle. For starters, parents need to make sure their kids are not overexposed to the blue light for long hours, and video games and movies are not watched in incorrect postures.

  1. Explicit content

The Internet is inundated with adult and illegal contents like porno videos, alcohol abuse, gambling, drugs, etc. It may seem like your internet filters are working, but trust us kids are capable of sneaking in explicit contents right under your nose.

  1. Cyberbullies

Traditionally, bullying was limited to classrooms and streets, off lately online platforms have boosted bullying activities and made it more comfortable. Kids are the most natural victims of bullies and attract attention quickly. Kids are harassed and abused on online platforms by strangers and online offenders who are difficult to track.

  1. Social life

Life is not all about technology and its brilliant facets. There is more to life – relations. Our motive to be connected to everyone through video calls and messaging apps is an excellent choice, but it all comes with a price. Human touch and feelings can never be the same through technology. Our upcoming generations need to learn the idea of enjoying and making real friends not virtual, Facebook friends.

Best Parental Control App for Child digital Safety

Child experts have been shouting from the top of their voice that media and digital life is unacceptable for kids’ well-being yet, we are not paying any heed and letting our kids get away with long hours of smartphone use.

Let’s consider using apps like Bit guardian Parental control app for time schedule and limit your child’s screen time. At the same time, secure your kids from the perils of a cybersecurity threat.

Stop worrying about your kid’s safety before it becomes a snowball of negative thoughts. Just install the best parental control app and enjoy a mind full of peace and positivity.

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