Omnichannel Marketing using SAP Marketing Cloud


We hope everyone on this page is at least familiar with terms like ‘marketing’, ‘online marketing’, ‘content marketing’, etc. You need to know about all these terms in order to understand the SAP Marketing Cloud better.

Now, tuning our views about how the SAP Marketing Cloud works and how it becomes useful in Omnichannel Marketing. Also, we will understand how it becomes a necessary part of the customer experience suite.

How do SAP Marketing Cloud works?

The SAP Marketing Cloud gathers all the customer data to provide you detailed information about the customers in real-time. Also, it allows you to understand the customer’s behavior. This can help you to customize your approach on all the channels including customer experience suite throughout the customer’s journey. Indirectly, it will help you in building new customers as well as build the loyalty of the existing customers.

There are a few things that we feel like discussing the customer’s journey and how Omnichannel Marketing with SAP is possible.

  • When it comes to developing a business or expanding the existing business, all that you need to know is what your customer needs. Accordingly, you need to approach those customers either with social media marketing campaigns, online ads, etc. 

Customer who purchases your services or goods might have tapped any of your marketing campaigns that made the customer do purchase. The SAP Marketing Cloud collects all this information regarding the customer’s interest. 

The Marketing Cloud using this information integrates with SAP S/4HANA applications to deliver predictions about future trends.

  • Marketing managers totally rely on data stored in the Marketing Cloud to predict the registered user’s behavior in order to target the audience in the upcoming marketing campaign. Using this data, managers realize where the prospects have arrived from and why they leave the page in between.

With all this information in their hands, marketing managers can create a customized campaign that can have filtration with respect to age, sex, nationality, etc. The best example will be to receive a push notification when there is some new product/service launched on your website. Also, you can keep an alert for the products which are rejected or returned and accordingly set the further marketing campaigns.

  • SAP Marketing cloud and other SAP C/4HANA helps in determining the interactions of the customers on multiple channels and gather them all to come to a single conclusion. Marketing teams can use this data either to improve the services.

Let us understand this with a good example. For example, suppose a user arrives on our website and browse through our dashboard page. While surfing, in between user losses concentration and drops from our website. The SAP Marketing Cloud stores all this information. In the later stage, whenever the same user arrives back at the same website and drops within seconds, you can give an alert to all the stakeholders in order to help them with the drop ratio. 

The SAP Marketing Cloud provides you a 360-degree view of your customer. Additionally, it also gives information about the customer’s moves and needs. All this information about the customers is selected from all the platforms and gathered at one location. 

The purchases done during the visit are also recorded. The SAP Marketing Cloud utilize this information to update the profile of the existing customer and potentially target new customers through their marketing campaigns.

With the help of SAP Marketing Cloud, the marketing team can contact any of their potential customers either 1-on-1 or on any of the social media channels or any of the campaigns run on digital media.

Surprisingly, you get real-time information to create an Omnichannel Marketing with SAP Marketing cloud that can respond easily to the changes and reach the expectation level of the customers.

There is a very good saying when it comes to customer experience,

“Customer is your god. Track their movements to be with them in every step of navigation!”

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