Impact of Social Media and Web Design in Online Businesses


Impact of Social Media and Web Design in Online Businesses

Social media usage throughout the globe is increasing. Apart from its impact on our personal lives, social media has changed the way we design and use websites. Today, in Dubai and other cities around the globe, for a successful online business, simple online presence does not guarantee success anymore. It must incorporate some social media strategy in the overall web design to be successful.

Therefore, web designing in Dubai and elsewhere show a tilt towards incorporating social media tools in the overall design of the website. This brief article will inform the readers about how social media and web design impact an online business.

First Impression

Your web design and social media pages are now your first impression. If the pages lack up-to-date information or are poorly designed then it is likely that the visitor will lose interest. No matter how good your product or services are, if the first impression is not up to the mark, your reputation and sales will both suffer.

Inexpensive Marketing

Advertising on radio, television or billboards is not only expensive but also does not serve the purpose of an online business. Social media marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing, and the latest advertising tools allow you to target your specific customer base as well. Similarly, your website is also a means of free advertising.

When people visit your website, you will get free advertisement for your products and services. Therefore, a small investment in web design and social media will pay off huge dividends and save you in traditional marketing costs.

Cross Promotion

Your social media and web design can help in the promotion of your business. As customers spend considerable amounts of time on social media, it can help you gain valuable traffic for your website. Similarly, optimized web design can help you convert the traffic into potential customers.

Customer Oriented

People spend considerable time on social media or browsing the internet. With proper web design and presence on social media, it shows that your business is changing according to customer needs. It sits well with customers who wish to see their favorite brands adapt to the changing trends.

An important thing to note is that the web design must be optimised for mobile browsing as well. In today’s age, people browse the internet and social media more from their smartphones or tablets instead of their laptops or desktop PCs. Therefore, web pages must be mobile friendly.

Search Engine Optimization

Your web design and social media posts can help with the website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO determines which website is ranked higher than others. Therefore, having SEO optimised content will boost your search ranking and increase your website’s traffic. Social media also plays a role in SEO nowadays; consequently, it is ideal to post content on your social media channels continuously.


Social media and website are critical to an online business today. As the world cements its feet in the digital era, having user-friendly websites and an active social media presence will determine a business’s success.

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