How iOS 13 is going to impact Iphone development in upcoming future


How iOS 13 is going to impact Iphone development in upcoming future

iOS is a mobile operating software that was developed by Apple. Inc. It is developed primarily to power the devices built by Apple Inc. such as iPhone, iPads. It is one of the most popular Operating Software and grabs second place after Android. It was introduced in the year 2017, targeted for iPhone and used succeeding, in other devices.  It is popular among the users for its supreme hardware and secure and high-quality software interface. It is said that once a person uses an iPhone, it becomes his first choice. iPhone app development is in its full bloom with more than 2 million apps on the App Store.

iphone app developmnet
iphone app developmnet

Apple releases its new and latest versions every year. It announces the latest development and upgrades in its upcoming devices for future release. This year in this annual meeting the features of iOS 13 has been announced.

Here are top features announced that developers have to keep in mind for the development of IOS apps.

OS 13 Iphone development
OS 13 Iphone development
  • Multiple User Accounts: A much awaited and most demanding feature is now announced for the iPhone users in this update. This update features multiple user accounts. This feature enables users to create multiple accounts in order to ensure safety and use space efficiently.
  • Dark mode: A highly anticipated feature for dark mode was in much demand for dark mode. Apple has finally released Dark mode feature for it users in this iOS 13 update. This feature is released for iPhones and iPads. It enables iPhone users to use dark mode and night viewing. It also enables helps in lower battery consumption.
  • Ios and MacOS: It was hearsay in the market that iOS is going to collaborate with the MacOS for introducing some cross-platform features. The developers now have the opportunity to work on the apps for both platforms. This feature enables developers to build apps for both platforms with the same user experience.
  • Advanced Siri: In this version iOS 13, Apple has released an advanced version of Siri. With this update, the users are able to reject an incoming call with a customized manner. When the call is declined, a message initiated by Siri with the reason of declined call is sent to the user.
  • Availability of your contacts: It is a very significant feature released by Apple. The company has filed a patent for this feature. It enables the user to check the availability of the contact whether it is able to take the call or for communication. It makes available the operating status of the contact. These details will be available on the Contact app on the phone.
  • Apple health: This app does not get any significant or major updates. With this new update, health app is going to show information such as the preference of sound while listening to music and it also extends metrics to track the user’s menstrual cycle.
  • Smart wifi:   This update releases major improvements in the direction of smart wifi. It turns off and on the wifi with the wifi connections locations. It keeps the stronger wifi at the priority. It also turns off the wifi when the users come away from the area.
  • Smart Emoji search: Emojis are a focal point for the iPhone users Apple has launched smart emoji feature. It enables the user to search emoji by typing in the search bar.
  • Advanced Photo editing tools: iOS13 uses machine learning to provide for image improvisations. This update highlights the important events and photos of the past weeks and months. It makes the users easy to browse the files and autoplay the favorite videos.
  • New Map Experience: Apple is rebuilding the map for its users for better user experience. The new maps apps provide enhanced experience with a broader view of the road. Pedestrian address and comprehensive land cover. However, this map is available for only a few cities, it will be available across the US at the end of 2020.

How this update can bring changes in the mode of app development 

OS 13 Iphone development
OS 13 Iphone development
  • Core machine learning: In the new version Apple is using core machine learning. that comes with lots of improvisations. It overcomes the limitations of the previous version which only identifies the AI game development.  This new version using machine learning is claimed to be 30% faster. It estimates to open doors for the new opportunities for the developers.
  • Union of AI and Siri: The new iOS13 empowers the developers with Sirikit which is ultimately a boon. This Sirikit extends the various advantageous features such as lock screen, hands-free counting, and visual codes and VOIP calling. The latest kit also offers a shortcut icon that comes with integration with iOS13.
  • Apple Pay: The number of Apple pay transactions are getting higher very rapidly since It was introduced in 2014. According to a study, this rate is going to see a hike of 200% in the coming year. The iOS 13 extends easy integration in the apps for enhanced secure transactions.
  • Release of swift 5: The release of swift 5 results to be a milestone for evolution in the language in its development. It makes room for new capabilities and improvements and proves to be a stepping stone for the future. The most significant feature with this version is API which makes the development swifter and the changes hassle-free

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