Galaxy Note 3 Plant Samsung four versions?


Galaxy Note 3 Plant Samsung four versions?

Galaxy Note 3 Plant Samsung four versions?
Galaxy Note 3 Plant Samsung four versions


For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 some rumors have already surfaced. So shall the double quad-core Eryngoes CPU 5 octa be installed with eight cores and a 5.9-inch display? Here Samsung could first put on a plastic O LED. The camera will dissolve with 13 megapixels and offer an optical image stabilizer. CHIP Online has summarized all the rumors for you. Samsung seems to want to follow the tradition and also note the third incarnation of the XXL smartphone Galaxy Note at the IFA in Berlin to present. What has been suspected for some time, the website wills now have learned from a reliable source. Accordingly, it will be at the IFA on the fourth of September a Samsung Unpacked event. The announcement of Samsung is to take place over the course of August. The launch of the Grade 3 should take place immediately after the presentation of the phone. This message is consistent with all other rumors to release and production period.
Planned four-note versions?

According to the Korean side Samsung could make the score 3 in four different versions on the market. The source reports of differences in material, camera, and display. So shall consist of a variation of premium quality material and have an unbreakable AMOLED. Another is to come with plastic housing and LCD contrast. Prior to the presentation of Galaxy S3 and S4, there were similar rumors. Ultimately, the South Koreans had only four different versions but in the test and then decided on a model equipped with polycarbonate.


Comprehensive rumors Galaxy Note 3

Slowly, hard core rumors crystallized out from the numerous messages for grade 3, the double quad-core Eryngoes CPU to 5 octa is installed with eight cores and a 5.9-inch display. Here Samsung could first put on a plastic OLED. The camera will dissolve with 13 megapixels and offer an optical image stabilizer. CHIP Online has summarized all the rumors for you.

First prototype spotted
On the Twitter page of @ Punk Panda users published a photo of the alleged Galaxy Note 3 By his own testimony, the device should therefore be equipped with a 6-inch screen, which covered 84 percent of the total area of the phone. As the photo suggests that speaks for very thin margins. However, it is not possible to verify the authenticity of the photograph. Only recently has to get a prototype of the Galaxy Note 3 in his own words. Although it seems this is not to act to the final case, it can be seen that the distance between the display and the edge is very thin (see Figure 2). According Sam Mobile it cannot be a device from the Galaxy Mega series act because the resolution is too high. In mega equipment significantly less high-resolution screens are installed in similar dimensions.


Galaxy Note 3 Plant Samsung four versions?
Galaxy Note 3 Plant Samsung four versions


All rumors to the touch screen 3

In an interview with the Korea Times, the managing director of Samsung JK Shin suggests that the Galaxy Note 3 does not come with the flexible and indestructible display on the market. For this is more time needed. According to the Journal of the Galaxy Note will be 3, as expected, presented at the IFA in Berlin and equipped with a 5.9-inch OLED display. ‘s decision regarding the display of the Grade 3 seems like. How Sam Mobile and the OLED Association report date, Samsung has come up with something new for his XXL-top model. Accordingly, the new note will be equipped with a 5.9-inch OLED plastic. The display with RGB matrix should be much thinner and lighter than ordinary AMOLED. Cracked screens should belong with the plastic screen of the past; also a display of plastic could be completely reflective. The Grade 3 along with a new display to come in the fourth quarter of 2013 to the market and will be presented at the IFA in Berlin. As the Korea Times reported, Samsung claims to have already demonstrated a prototype of its upcoming smartphone Galaxy Note 3 to the U.S. mobile operator AT & T. Of course, get to see the new grade, only the executive suite of the network operator. As the source of the portal reported, it should be in this note by a mobile phone with 5.9-inch screen with OLED technology. In addition, still is not a decision like that Samsung uses a flexible display. The Korea Times suggested an OLED display. An official is said to have revealed that Samsung will introduce a phablet with a 5.9-inch OLED screen in the second half of 2013.

Absurdity of the rumors
The Samsung Galaxy Note should be 3 equipped with a 6.3-inch display. This should have a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (Ultra High Definition) and would thus come to a utopian pixel density of 734 ppi. In addition, a quad-core processor should be installed with 2.5 GHz clock speed and 4 GB of RAM. Up to 128 GB of internal storage is also mentioned. The operating system is already Android 5.0 is also known as Key Lime Pie is pre-installed. Despite the proud weight of 160 grams, the note should be only 3 millimeters thick and 7 offer a 16-megapixel camera space. On the front is a 5-megapixel camera for full HD videos sit. However, we have little of these rumors. The published data on the screen does not correspond approximately to the current design language of Samsung. The specifications also read sound more like a wish list from Samsung fans. To the IFA, technical progress is hard to imagine that would require such an over-smart. On the Chinese Social Network is further alleged a first image of the Galaxy Note 3 surfaced. However, it soon becomes clear that it is for this device in truth the ZOPO ZP950. The smartphone has shown thus nothing to do with the touch 3rd

All rumors to the CPU of grade 3
As the Asian web portal my drivers. Comer ported to the touch 3 have a 5.99-inch Full HD display and running with Android 4.2.2. The CPU is supposedly the Eryngoes 5410 Octa with eight cores are used, divided on two quad-core processors. In addition, the rating should be 3 with 3 GB of RAM. This is consistent with most previous reports. Too UN wired view. Cosmos pecked this at the beginning. The weaker quad core CPU is for simpler tasks are responsible for the more complex. Which could serve as energy efficiency and optimize the battery consumption? In some versions of the Galaxy S4 processor that is already in use.
All rumors to the camera of the Galaxy Note 3
As the Korean news site to have learned the Samsung Galaxy Note should be 3 equipped with a 13 megapixel camera. While the recently announced Galaxy S4 has the same resolution, both cameras are still differing. The source claims that the Galaxy Note 3 with an optical image stabilizer (OIS) will be equipped, as for example in the Nokia Lumia 920 is to be found. That would give the score 3 a significant advantage over the smaller S4. More over, for the first time could be used an optical zoom. However, this is questionable, since the corresponding components would possibly take too much space to complete. How To Blog to have learned to the Galaxy Note 3 to hit the market with a new feature called Panorama S Orb that the recordings of 360 should enable-degree panoramic photos. This is based on the Android 4.2 operating system known from Photo Sphere and manages not initially on the Galaxy S4. Is presented to the Galaxy Note 3, S Orb, however, should be ready.
All rumors to present the Galaxy Note 3
As the Korea Electronic Times reported, an insider has said from the environment of the mobile division of Samsung to the situation to the supplier, who complained lately about declining orders from Samsung. The source also mentioned in the same breath, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which could therefore go into production in August. By adhering to this schedule, Samsung could score 3 as was his predecessor introduced in early September at the IFA in Berlin. Koreans could the new note as I note , and the note 2 introduced at the IFA 2013 in Berlin – this is the beginning of September 2013. Of these, several sources are already convinced.


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