Can one do MIM even with work experience in hand?


Can one do MIM even with work experience in hand?

Usually, whenever anyone thinks of post graduation in management, the first thing that comes to their mind and MBA But doing an MBA from a top business school cannot be possible for some, can be because of the high college fee or the admission criteria. Well, for those students the perfect alternative is MIM, Masters in management. This program has not been very popular until recently. The students enrolling in this program have hugely increased and this is the second best considerable option after MBA.

Now, you would be wondering MIM vs MBA, what makes them different when they both offer a management degree? These two degrees do not really compete, both focus on different management aspects and have different goals. A few good reasons why you should do MIM is because-

  • the fees of a MIM degree is half of the MBA Fees
  • The admission criteria are simpler than that of an MBA
  • Its value has now started increasing

All of this said, let’s get to the point. Is work experience required for doing MIM? No, colleges do not have criteria that say that work experience is essential, unlike MBA. But can we do MIM if we have work experience? Sure, a lot of colleges encourage if you have a work experience of 3 months and most students already have it through internships. But every college has different criteria. Some schools may have a strict limit on how long your work experience should be, London Business School has a limit of a year, your work experience should not be more than that.HEC Paris as well requires work experience for a year or so,

While there are schools like the London school of economics that state its fine to have a work experience of a few months to 5 years. Most colleges usually like to have students with work experience of a year.

Even though it is not as necessary but a work experience of a few months or a year sure builds your brand value and makes you more knowledgeable. It will be better to do a few internships before actually applying in the admission process of any college. As there are different types of students out there you might face a lot of competition in the admission process, so it’s better to add some work experience to your resume and enhance your chance of getting into a top school to get a MIM degree. If you have a great academic background, great scores in GMAT/GRE it could be that you will not require work experience but there is no harm in being sure to get into a college of your choice and get a degree in management. There is a lot more than you can research about, you can check the admission criteria of different colleges and find out what fits you best. The criteria that all the colleges have is the candidate should have a bachelor’s degree, good academics and good managerial and communication skills

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