BeWifi Share your WiFi and gets more speed


BeWifi Share your WiFi and gets more speed


It is assumed that the connection sharing Internet with someone else all should be a little slower, but new technology BeWifi developed by Telefonica achieved the exact opposite. By giving a portion of the bandwidth that is not being used, all users within the scope of BeWifi can achieve higher connection speed when needed.

BeWifi Share your WiFi and gets more speed
BeWifi Share your WiFi and gets more speed

In those old days of dial-up modem, when broadband was a dream and reach four kilobytes per second download represented “a good day” , was called “Technology Shotgun” , which allowed to combine two separate phone lines and reach the twice the speed. Of course, bear the costs of two separate lines was not available to everyone, but this shows that the bandwidth optimization takes a long time between us. Today, we know that the speed demand continues to grow, and providers increasingly are slow to cover. The fundamental solution is nothing more to deploy new infrastructure, but there is always room for further optimizations. One of these optimizations comes through the project BeWifi , by the Research and Development department of Telefonica .

How it works BeWifi redistributes bandwidth that is not being used. Beyond the plan you have hired, very few times when you squeeze the connection to 100 percent. That you do not use is temporarily reassigned to BeWifi to benefit other users, and obviously, this works in your case . When you need to step on the gas, take BeWifi bandwidth available to other users, and will link to your connection so that you achieve better performance, guaranteeing at least the contracted speed. Essentially, imagine BeWifi as a collaborative WiFi network , where all users share resources to enhance your experience on the Web. Telefonica BeWifi began working on in 2008, and their pilots are getting wider. Only in the first week, BeWifi recorded over a thousand participants in Barcelona.

Besides increasing the connection speed, BeWifi also has the potential to become a point of access to decentralized Internet : If for any reason your connection drops, the network BeWifi compensate for missing until everything returns to normal. Currently, the installation and configuration of BeWifi requires a technician visit, but they are already working on a version Plug & Play for users who prefer to activate themselves. Security and privacy are two issues very delicate, and seeks to ensure both BeWifi differently. For one, only shared bandwidth when it is not used, the user always has priority over your connection, requires the system to register a username and password (thus enabling the ability to connect from home) , and what we interpret on the official website, there are two kinds of signals, one public and one private . The initiative is very striking, and we will be waiting for more technical details.

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