Best Tips to Speed ??up your Windows 8 up to 50%


Best Tips to Speed ??up your Windows 8 up to 50%

Best Tips to Speed ??up your Windows 8 up to 50%
Best Tips to Speed ??up your Windows 8 up to 50%

If you have installed the Windows 8 operating system on the computer and are concerned about the performance of your PC, then continue reading this article will help you to speed up your PC performance with a few simple tricks.

We already know that Windows 8 is a much better OS compared with earlier version of Windows, such as Windows 7 or Windows XP. On the other side also has some of the biggest drawbacks is slow performance of window 8. Here are some interesting tips that will definitely help you in speeding up Windows 8 performance of your computer and following these steps you can work more drown in your windows 8 operating system.

Tips for speeding up your computer machine up to 50%

1. Changing Pc Power Settings

In my opinion this is the easiest way you can speed up the performance of your PC need only open the charging power setting by going to the control panel option and then set it to ” Set High Performance “.

2. Quit all types of unnecessary programs

With the closing of all types of unnecessary programs at windows startup you can easily run your windows 8 Pc more have noticed that there are many programs that start automatically as you start the computer know that these programs really slows the performance of your PC and make you run Pc, simply follow these steps carefully and then close all kinds of unnecessary programs.

1. Firstly, Click Start> Run.

2. Carefully In Run Box Type “msconfig” and then press Enter.

3. Choose Startup Tab and then uncheck all the unnecessary programs that are running.

4. Then click Apply and click OK.

5. during the last restart just those of your computer, and then all changes will be made automatically.


Best Tips to Speed ??up your Windows 8 up to 50%
Best Tips to Speed ??up your Windows 8 up to 50%

3. Disable Pc Animation

This is the most effective way by which you can increase the performance of PC already know that Windows 8 operating system has too many Cool and Amazing. Windows 8 shows cartoons, even when you start or close an application. Such kind of features can impress you, but the reality is that very bad influence on the performance of the PC you really want to speed up the Windows 8 operating system, and then just follow the steps below.


1. Firstly, go to Start> Run.

2. Type “command” in the box, then just press Enter.

3. Again type “System Properties Advanced” and press Enter.

4. Choose Settings under the Performance section.

5. Now, simply remove these animations you do not want to see while using your computer, and then click Ok.

That way you can disable all these kind of animations that really affect the speed of your computer.

So these are the tips by which you can easily enhance your windows computer 8.Ean you are still not satisfied with the above tips, then you can also try updating your windows 8 Pc and use the latest drivers for the Window 8. The latter should always be remembered by installing only the necessary applications on your computer.

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