5 Best Android Multiplayer Games Of 2019


5 Best Android Multiplayer Games Of 2019

Android gaming is improving and becoming more better. Some days before, we were playing a puzzle game and inviting our Facebook friend. Multiplayer games used just for leaderboards only. But now there are many types of multiplayer games developed which can support actual multiplayer play. These games include real-time co-op and PvP and some games having sort of multiplayer element. If you want to play games with your friend then above list of 5 Android multiplayer games is given.

  1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG (player unknown’s battlegrounds) Mobile is one of the best multiplayer games which is freely available in the Google play store. The file size of PUBG is more than 1.79 GB and it required more than 2GB of RAM to run this game. PUBG Mobile is battle royale multiplayer game which is very much popular in all over the globe.

The graphics of PUBG Mobile is awesome and fantastic and if you play PUBG Mobile then you will be the edicts of this game. The gameplay of PUBG is very good and the file size of this game is very big. In PUBG, you can play with 99 other people on the plane and drop in the island which is known as erangle, Miramar, shanok and vikandi.

You will see the map which is given above your mobile screen and you have dropped in your place. The popular places in PUBG Mobile are pochinki, George pool, military base, militia power, rozork, school, novorponeya, etc.

After parachuting, you have to loot things such as guns, ammo, muzzle, magazine, scoop, bag, vest, helmet, health kit, etc.

After getting everything, you also have to loot the drops which can be drooped by the plane in a different area. In the drop, you can get many of the rare guns, vest, helmet, and bags, etc. And then you have to kill the people and also see that you are in a safe zone or not. If you are not in the safe not than it can affect your health and decrease it.

In PUBG Mobile there are 100 players playing the game but only one is the victor. If you or your team come to win this game then you see a message display on your mobile screen which is “winner winner chicken dinner”.

In PUBG Mobile, there are three modes available solo, duo and squad and four maps are available which are Orange, shank, Miramar, and bikini.

  1. Minecraft

Minecraft is also one of the best and popular multiplayer android game. Minecraft is a paid app and it is available at $6.99 in the google play store. In Minecraft, you will be dropped in the randomly created world and you have done many of the things. Minecraft is recently updated and now it includes cross-platform play with Xbox and PC.

Cross-platform play means that you can play with your friends anywhere. Minecraft has two modes one is survival and the second one is creative. Survival mode includes bad food system, guys and you can easily die and in the Creative mode, you don’t die for any reason. Minecraft game is best console game which is available in a smartphone.

Minecraft is actually a console as well as a PC game and the graphics of this game is awesome. Minecraft is a paid app that is the reason in this game you get lots of skin.

  1. NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy is the latest game of NOVA company and it is freely available in the Google play store. It was the first game at the time of release which provides online multiplayer.

NOVA Legacy comes in a different mode, special events, and more things. A game mode in NOVA Legacy has become more popular which is known as Special Ops. Many of the online multiplayer games include character customizations, leaderboards and death matches, etc. But NOVA Legacy is a little bit different because it includes room which helps this game to grow.

NOVA Legacy is one of the best multiplayer game and it includes various different skins, awesome graphics, etc. The file size of NOVA Legacy is a little bit big not like other games.

  1. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is one of the best and popular arcade racing game of Gameloft’s and it is freely available in the google play store. In Asphalt 9, there are many types of cars and racing tracks available only you have to unlock these tracks and cars. In Asphalt 9, you have to race against AI or human players and complete various events.

The races of Asphalt 9 is very quick and fast and you can easily race with any one of your cars. You spend lots of your time for playing Asphalt 9 before you don’t reach at the end.

The graphics of Asphalt 9 is very much fantastic and awesome. The mechanics of Asphalt 9 is simple and many of the players has complained that the mechanics of Asphalt 9 is too much simple. Asphalt 9: Legends is the arcade racing game and it can give you an entertaining experience.

If you are facing the problem of finding these games then you can go to this website https://technewsenglish.com/can-i-run-it/ because this website can help you to find out the best android games. This website also helps you to know more information about latest Android multiplayer games.

  1. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is one of the best card-dueling game which is freely available in the google play store. In Hearthstone, the main objective is to generate a deck with various cards.

In Hearthstone, there is an extra option is also given to test your deck that it is proper or not against the computer-controlled player. However, when you face real player online then you see meat and potatoes of the game. It is supporting in PC as well as in Mobile also and in this game, you have to make a battle.

The graphics of this game is very much fantastic and awesome. Hearthstone can give you an entertaining experience. Description:- 5 best and popular Android multiplayer games with appropriate information. These games are online and the graphics of these games are very much fantastic.

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