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Why Businesses Needs Marketing and Advertising?

Why Businesses Needs Marketing and Advertising?

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Why Businesses Needs Marketing and Advertising?

Marketing and advertising describes a process that helps you to boost the sales of your products and services. People usually take these terminologies as one but both terms are not same there is a huge difference between these two. Alain Templeman focuses to use combined approach of these two to achieve pre set of your business goals that ultimately impacts your business line.

What Marketing Means and How it Works?

Marketing is the set of instructions and processes for creating, communicating and exchanging offerings that have value for clients and customers. In other words, it is the systematic planning and implementation as well as analysis of business activities indented to exchange value offerings of sales.

Why Businesses Needs Marketing and Advertising?

Why Businesses Needs Marketing and Advertising?

Creating a marketing plan involves specific amount of time and research the whole process revolves around preparing your products for the marketplace and developing a unique selling proposition (USP) that differentiate your business from others. It acts as a guide and mission statement that assists you to develop a marketing strategy.

A marketing strategy can be broken down into 4 phases mentioned below:

  • Product: These refer to both products and services that you intend to brought into the marketplace to meet consumer demands. Products are the backbone of any business so be cautious when about their quality and adequate marketing strategies.
  • Price: Setting of right price is effectively important to fetch success in your business. There are many factors that come into deciding prices that majorly include perceived value, margins and opportunity cost of not buying at all.
  • Place: Place involves considering different strategies such as selective distribution, exclusive distribution and franchising. It may include physical outlets or online sales platforms.
  • Promotions: It is the phase where all means of communication channels are used by a brand to promote its products and services. It might include all your social media channels.

What is Advertising and how it Works?

Advertising is nothing but calling something to grab the attention of public the best suitable example is paid announcements of products as well as services to prospective customers. Let us go in further details with Alain having years of work experience in the field. Advertising supports your company through right exposure for a company’s products and services. It wallows in creating influential marketing plan to convert audiences towards sales. It enables you to secure a place in the market. A robust advertising strategy will help you to teach, explain and promote your offerings to the right audience base. It goes under six different phases.

  • Awareness and Knowledge (Cognitive)
  • Liking and preferences (Affective)
  • Conviction and Purchase (Conative) etc.

Don’t forget we are living in hellish competitive market where becoming successful in business is not an easy nut to crack. If you are about to start a business’s market strategy making your dependability on Alain Templeman a veteran professional know every in and out of the field.

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