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Evaporative coolers, also called air washers or ecological coolers, work depending on the wet-bulb temperature of the city in which you want to use since this variable limits the temperature that can be reached inside the room to be conditioned. The wet-bulb temperature is related to the altitude at which a city is with respect to sea level since the lower the altitude, the higher the wet-bulb temperature and there will be no efficient air conditioning.

First, Let’s find out how an Air Cooler works

The evaporative or adiabatic cooler is designed to cool the temperature of the water, using air that undergoes an evaporative cooling process as a cooling source; this process consists of passing that air stream through panels wet with water, this contact between water and air generates an adiabatic thermodynamic process that results in air cooling. 

What differences are there between evaporative coolers and air conditioners? The best air cooler in India consumes less electricity than the air conditioners, and they do not carry pipes outside.

Evaporative cooling can be better understood with an example: air works with a sponge.  When the air comes into contact with the water it absorbs it and turns it into the moist air. The amount of water that air can absorb depends largely on what is in the air. 

When creating an evaporative cooler, the filter pads are located on the back or both sides of the machine. The surrounding hot air is sucked into the machine through the pads.

These pads are kept moist, (either because the water is pumped from an internal reservoir or from an external water source). As the hot outside air moves through the wet pad, the water evaporates, removing some heat from the air. So when the air leaves the machine it is colder than when it entered.

What is the Ideal Place to fix an Air Cooler?

Regarding the applications of evaporative coolers, they can be installed in workshops, supermarkets, laundries, commercial areas, gyms, schools, the textile industry, the plastics industry, the metalworking industry, gardening places, and many other places that you want to condition. Evaporative coolers should only be used in areas with good natural ventilation. Windows or doors open (if it is a terrace or any other room) so that there is a constant renewal of the air.

Evaporative coolers should be located outside the place you want to be air-conditioned, right on the window where it can blow cool air inside, they are made with fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin and high structural strength materials, especially for use in any weather conditions. They can also be installed in open places since for their efficient cooling they must be located in places with open windows or doors to guarantee the air renewals calculated in the selection of the equipment.

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