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What important things to look for outdoor weddings?

by Arun Kumar
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What important things to look for outdoor weddings?

Many people are following a new trend of organising their marriage ceremony outdoors. People hire the best destination wedding planners in India to organise their marriage ceremony in beautiful locations outdoors; it may be a beach, in a valley or even in a beautiful garden. However, there are certain things that you should look at before you agree with your wedding planner about organising an outdoor marriage ceremony.

Things to decide before you organise your outdoor marriage ceremony

1). Your budget: Before you plan anything, the first thing you need to do is fix how much money you want to spend in organising your marriage ceremony. This will help you figure out what kind of marriage ceremony is possible in your budget. If your budget is quite large, then you can easily hire one of the top luxury wedding planners in Delhi to organise your wedding event in the most lavish manner. You can either organise your marriage ceremony in your home city or you can go out for a destination wedding at an exotic place organised by one of the luxury wedding planners in Delhi.

2). The weather: Weather and season are extremely important to organise a successful marriage ceremony outdoors. It is practical that you don’t organise a marriage ceremony outdoors in the rainy season. Similarly, if you wish to organise your wedding ceremony in a hilly destination, then you should never choose the winter season. The reason being most Indian wedding are done either in the evening or at night and if you do this in a hill station in the winter season, then it would be very uncomfortable for all your guests as well as yourself. Therefore, first, find out what are the seasons which are best suited for an outdoor wedding in a particular place and then book the hotel or place where you wish to organise the event accordingly.

3). Décor: Decor is an important part of making your wedding venue beautiful. Therefore, you should take your time and planning a surreal decor for your marriage ceremony using different colors of lights, decoration lamps, artificial fountains and other such things that creates an impression of a fairy tale. On the other hand, if your marriage ceremony is to be conducted during the daytime, then you can use different fun games for your guests, seating arrangement in shady areas for your guest where they can relax and enjoy the ceremony without feeling too much heat. If it is a beach wedding then you can organise your stalls selling ice cream, soft drinks, and other refreshments so that your guests enjoy the party immensely. If you organise a poolside wedding, then you can use some fun will elements that will add to the overall mood of the wedding party.

These are some of the things that you should keep into mind when you are planning for an outdoor wedding. If you have hired the services of a good wedding planner, then most of these tasks are done by the organiser himself, but it is prudent to know about these things well in advance so that you can also give some input from your side.

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