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The toilet is full of poop-this is the most annoying situation you have to face, and I’m sure, the question is, how to fill the toilet with poop? I have thought about it several times. So this time, I will use the guidelines to solve the problem in a more relaxed way. When we think of equipping our house with equipment, we all want a comfortable toilet, and when there is no comfortable toilet, all the luxury of the house will become so important. The toilet is clogged to prevent clogging of the stool is the most important moment, you are also anxious to clear it with a plunger.

It may take some time to clear it. However, if you wait until you have a plunger instead of cleaning the plunger, the water level will rise and the overflow will cause a nasty condition in your toilet. You should also be well-known because of the cause of the clogging problem. Low water flow, clogged toilet traps, and clogged pipes can cause clogging of the toilet because these reasons can cause jams and blockages.

Therefore, when there is a problem, there are remedies. In this content, you will learn all the amazing ideas that will solve the clogging problem with simple and easy-to-use materials.

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UNCLOG POOP toilet (without plunger):
This is a simple technique that can dissolve poop stuck in the toilet without a plunger. All you have to do is follow some simple steps through some easy-to-access materials.

What do you need:

1. boiling water
2. Detergent powder

Pour warm water into the toilet. When pouring water, the pouring water should not overflow, otherwise, it may stick.

After that, add the detergent powder to it and leave it for a few minutes. Then by checking, you will find that the rising water level has dropped. Then, pour hot water into the bowl and wait a few minutes. The water level will run smoothly because hot boiling water will soften the blocked material.

You may ask what is the role of detergent powder. Detergent powder breaks the organic bond between substances, so the toilet becomes unblocked within a few minutes. You can also use detergent for cleaning. Let us know the steps on how to use toilet soap to clean the toilet.

First, you must determine whether the volcano is right for you. Sometimes, extreme reactions can cause spills and cause more problems. In this case, you can choose the option of using the lubricant. Use a sufficient amount of dish soap and boiling water and wait a few minutes. In this way, the debris can be put down and the toilet can no longer be blocked.

Eager to cancel records:
Drainage appliances, which means that you can also use a hanger instead of a plunger when the cork is removed. Hangers are the hangers we usually use. But before using it, please unplug the wire first. Before starting work, don’t forget to wear waterproof gloves.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Before trying any technique, check the water level.
  • After completing the process, if you find that the drainage is good, please rinse it.
  • Wearing gloves will keep you away from dirt. Give time to stabilize an awkward situation.
  • Indeed, buying a plunger is a good choice. Because sometimes there is a guest in your family, and you are ashamed to be nasty trouble.
  • Therefore, even if your household materials do not have plungers, these are a good idea to use the toilet to unblock the toilet.