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How to unblock a program on MacBook

by Deepak Sudera
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How to unblock a program on MacBook

The tittle of this post is “unblock a program on MacBook“.It is rare that a program block on the MacBook but it can happen and when it happens, you have to follow some instructions to unlock the application. You should not close the MacBook from the power button on and off as it may damage the software. Mac OS X allows you to exit a non-responding without restarting the computer. Following the instructions to unblock a program on the MacBook .

How to unblock a program on MacBook

How to unblock a program on MacBook


1.) Press Command (#) + Alt + Esc . This will close the program you’re using on the MacBook.

2.) To unlock an application, you can do it by selecting Apple> “Force Quit” in the menu bar. The dialog box “Force the output from applications” with the selected application.

3.) You can also restart the Finder from this same dialog box in this case the application is blocked. After that, restart your computer to make sure that the problem is completely solved.

4.) If the problem of blocking programs happen frequently, choose Help> “Help Center” in the menu bar of the upper part of the screen. To get information on what to do when the system crashes or does not respond, look for the word “freeze” in the spotlight of your Macbook.

5.) To obtain technical support and contact information about the software whichis installed on your MacBook , visit the site of Apple .

6.) If you want to read more articles about how to unblock a program on your MacBook , you’ll want to enter our section Marcche and computer models .

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