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Top10 wackiest kitchen gadgets for your home

Top10 wackiest kitchen gadgets for your home

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Top10 wackiest kitchen gadgets for your home

A new house filled with joy and prosperity is a dream of every human being. Special care will be given in designing each and every nook and corner of the house. Starting from the portico to the kitchen we will decorate the house with our preferred colors, interiors, most modern devices and household types of equipment. Kitchens in every home can be considered as the heart of it. Every mother shares their love and care through the food she prepares. She spends, most of her precious time in the kitchen. Then how can we neglect the designing of the kitchen?  As a loving husband or sun, you will definitely find your dear lady’s comfort as yours. So provide her with all the modern kitchen gadgets and make her feeling cozy in the kitchen.

How to design your kitchen

Kitchens are nowadays considered to be the style icons of every house. In olden times kitchens were designed as unseen workspaces. But in modern houses, they are more a kind of extensions of your guest room or dining room. Open kitchens are popularized; hence the design should be stylish and toning with the other ambiances.  And regarding the kitchen gadgets also we must go with high quality, cute looking ones. They will present your kitchen with a unique look. More than that no one will like to invite the appliance repair situations frequently. We will have a look at the most adorable kitchen gadgets which are extremely cute.

A cozy kitchen with cute gadgets

Here is a list of the most whacked out gadgets used in the kitchen.

  1. Salt and pepper collection in a nut –bolt model

Favorite salt and pepper set of all the hardcore do-it-yourself followers. Its hardware look in the nut and bolt style provides a sturdy look to it. The bolt-shaped containers can fill the salt and pepper and are marked with the letters P and S for easy identification. The nut shaped structures made of plastic are seen at the bottom and balances the containers. At the upper end, the containers are provided with small holes to sprinkle the items. The greatest specialty of this product other than its look is the anti spilling provision in unintended directions.   The spices will come out only if you bent and shake it in upward down direction.

  1. Goggles for onion

Onion cutting is always like a nightmare for many of us as we can’t hold the tears back. Here is a cute and classy solution for that; the onion goggles.  As we mince the onions, the google prevents the tear-producing substances to enter into our eyes. The eyes are surrounded by the foam covering and the glasses are anti-fog in nature. The onions can be seen clearly through the glasses and it will serve the purpose undoubtedly. As it is available in pink, green, it will definitely give you a cute look.

  1. Spaghetti Fork-Self-twirling

These cute things will be handy for extremely sluggish people. It works with the help of AAA batteries and will help to loop up the noodles or pasta without a single movement from our part. The attractive color combinations like yellow with green and purple, red with white will help you to keep the eating habits colorful. It can twirl up anything from thin strands to wide fettuccine and will be a great tool for spaghetti lovers.

  1. Utensil holder in forked up style

Get ready to amaze your friends with your magic in the kitchen. With the help of a special utensil holder, you can simulate a feeling of perpendicular placement of the utensil with respect to the walls. Actually, small magnetic pieces are inserted in the birch ply wall tile and they will keep the utensils in position.  The capacity of the tile is; five utensil sets, two sets of spoons and forks each and a single knife.

  1. Digital day counters

Here is an ever time solution to the biggest problems in the kitchen. Many expired products may get wasted in your kitchen cupboards or fridges. And it is difficult to note down the opening date of each and every product. Instead, stick the digital day counters on the metal caps of the kitchen storage bottles. One can set the counter when they buy the groceries. The counter will start counting the days and will show you how long you have been using the same foodstuff.

  1. Butter cutter

These are extremely useful if you are a health conscious mom. Your kids may sometimes overeat butter and you may not know this. With these butter cutters, you can cut the butter up to 35 calories in a single use. Kids can easily use this tool without any hassles of a knife. In a single click make your kids meals healthier and tastier.

  1. Towel-Matic

If you are obsessed with hygienic activities this can act as a friend. No need to tear the paper towels each and every time for cleaning, instead just wave your hands in front of the machine. It will automatically dispense the sheets according to a preset mode. So each and every time it ensures the delivery of untouched hygienic sheets to the user.

  1. Food movers

A kit, which consists of fun, filled eating tools- that is food movers. A forklift, a front-loaded spoon, and a bulldozer are the tools in the kit.  The front loader is filled with the eatables by the bulldozer. The kids will enjoy doing this while eating. They will get a feeling of playing with a bulldozer.

  1. 3-in-1 breakfast maker

In this hurry burry lifestyle if you are able to prepare three-morning dishes at a time that will be a great blessing. Yes, the 3 in one breakfast maker offers an oven for toasting, coffee maker along with a frying pan. The 4 in 1 model are also in the market now a day. The high quality of this product ensures the user that the appliance repair will not be needed recurrently.

  1. Slam dunk

If you love to dip and eat way, enjoy your cookies so with the aid of slam dunk. With the holding grip, it allows you to dip the cookies for a longer time in milk without breaking it. The high-grade plastic used to make the flexible dipper makes this product kid’s friendly.


As the technological advancements are gearing up, the gadgets in any field are getting improvised. In kitchen appliances also these cute tiny gadgets are able to find their own place. This will definitely make the day today kitchen and eating habits enjoyable.

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