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Top 6 Platforms to Hire Magento 2 Developers

Top 6 Platforms to Hire Magento 2 Developers

By on May 23, 2020 0

Magento 2 developers are in high demand these days owing to the increasing popularity of the ecommerce platform. Also, since Magento has announced that it will stop its support for all Magento 1 versions after June 2020, some M1 merchants have already started to move to Magento 2 while others are still planning. Currently, there are roughly 180,000 M1 sites all of which need to replatform as otherwise they will face serious maintenance and security issues.

Magento, being a relatively complex ecommerce platform, requires developers with a fair level of expertise and experience. Only those who have efficiently undertaken multiple projects with positive reviews from clients can be fully trusted with the project. Employers are always on the lookout for such developers. As it is not always easy to locate competent developers, we are listing the top sites where basic to expert level Magento developers offer their services. This will make your search easy and help you hire Magento 2 developer with the required level of skill sets.

Top 6 Platforms to Hire Magento Developers

1. Toptal
If budget is not an issue for you, Toptal is the place to hire the top Magento talent. The site filters freelances and only brings in the top 3%. Resultantly, you only get the best ones to work with. The good thing about the platform is that it gives employers a free trial period of up to 2 weeks to work with their chosen freelancer. They can hire freelancers only after complete satisfaction. If they decide not to hire after the trial period, Toptal pays the freelancer for their services.
Toptal is rated among the top 5 freelance platforms for software developers, designers, and project managers. Hiring can be done per project as well as permanent basis.

2. Upwork
Upwork is one of the oldest, authentic, and easy to use freelance platforms. It allows employers to post details about their projects for developers to apply for it. They can then award the project to the most suited one after thorough analysis of all the applicant’s work history, reviews, and doing interviews. Employers also have the option to contact a freelancer directly for the project without posting it.

Upwork gives you full control over the hiring process. It is a preferred platform to hire for long term, contract based work. Upwork assigns badges to freelancers based upon their past work like “Top Rated”, “Rising Talent” which makes the screening process easier.

3. Arc (formerly CodementorX)
Arc simplifies your hiring process by offering you the best development talent. They accept developers only after extensive technical evaluation and interviews with senior engineers. To submit a proposal, you have to sign up with a business account and verify a few details about your company and project. You will receive applicants you can trust and a free trial period to do the hiring. This platform is best for long term projects.

4. Magento Partners
If you would like to work with an agency rather than an individual, Magento partners is the platform to choose one from. They are Magento certified firms with proven ecommerce capabilities and have delivered large scale Magento projects. Every agency provides you with full range of services including strategy, design, development, implementation, and maintenance.

Hiring a Magento partner may cost you a little extra but this sets you free from any hassle. Provide them with your requirements and they have all it takes to deliver a fully customized reliable solution.

5. Freelancer
Freelancer is another trustworthy source to find talent for your Magento 2 project. Millions of freelancers offer their services in different niches which ensures you find the most suitable one for your project in minutes. It works much like the same way as other ecommerce platforms. You post the job, receive bids, choose a freelancer, and pay after getting the job done.

Freelancer is a bit cheaper so if budget is your primary concern, this is the better choice. Keep in mind, Freelancer.com does not have a vetting process which also accounts for its largest freelancer’s pool. Be sure to hire the one that does justice with the work.

6. Stack Overflow
Stock Overflow is one of the largest online communities for developers to learn and share their knowledge. It is a question and answer site where people post programming questions and developers who have expertise in the topic answer. Users can up or down vote an answer depending upon its accuracy. Contributors earn reputation points and “badges” for every “up” vote they receive.

You can find Magento 2 developers on the platform by searching for Magento related questions and the people who have answered them. You will find developers with thousands of reputation points and “badges” which shows their level of expertise and contribution in the community.

Above are some credible sources to find expert Magento developers. Before you begin the hiring process, you should know all your requirements and be clear about the goals and objectives.