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Heart touching ways to wish your girlfriend on her birthday

Top 6 Heart touching ways to wish your girlfriend on her birthday

By on June 6, 2019 0

Top 6 Heart touching ways to wish your girlfriend on her birthday

When it is our special one’s birthday we want to make them feel so much loved and leave no stones unturned to surprise them. Rather than buying expensive gifts there are so many other way and beautiful gestures which will give them their best birthday. Thus this is a golden chance to make them know how important and special they are in your life. Thus, If you want to go all out to wish your girlfriend a very happy birthday check out the following Heart touching ways to birthday wishes to make her feel most special.

  1. Customized or Printed Message

You can write a letter or a message wishing them a very happy birthday. You can leave it anywhere in their room or kitchen and let them open with surprise. If you are living far away from them you can also send them a mail. In the letter, you can tell them how much you love them and how important they are in your life. Play with the letters and wish them a happy birthday in a unique way like saying Hope your birthday is rocking or have a birthday full of joy. A personalized birthday message is always a thoughtful and lovely gift.

  1. Offer her a handwritten postcard and flowers

If you are away from your sweetheart on your special, there’s nothing that can beat the charm of handwritten postcard. You can write a special birthday wishes for your beloved on this special day and give her a wonderful surprise. You can pair this handwritten postcard with lovely fresh blooms to make the surprise even more beautiful. Your girlfriend would b in awe of this wonderful surprise and the flowers would keep her cheerful at least for a week and she would feel weak on knees every time she would read your handwritten postcard. Send birthday gifts online canada to love of your life and wish her happy birthday in a romantic way.

  1. Local Newspaper or Magazine for the Birthday wish

There are so many newspapers that have the column of wishing happy birthday to your loved ones so you can publish your birthday wishes to them and surprise them. There are also special magazines for birthday wishes so you can also wish them a happy birthday through this special way. Your girlfriend will feel so special and loved with this out of box idea for wishing her happy birthday.

  1. Pay a surprise visit to her place

You can plan a beautiful surprise of visiting her without letting her know. It is the birthday of your lady love and this day is as important to you as it is to her so you can make this day even more memorable and joyful for her by paying a personal visit. She wouldn’t be able to believe her eyes for once and would definitely have tears of joy with this beautiful surprise. You can carry a bouquet of flowers, chocolate box and any romantic gift for her birthday to wish her a very happy birthday.

  1. Sing a Birthday Song for her

If you are gifted with a sweet voice and your partner find it romantic when you dedicate songs to her go for this. You can start rehearsing the song from days prior to their birthday and also try a musical instrument to make this surprise even more special. You can host a birthday party on behalf of your girlfriend and invite all her friends. And out of blue raise a toast for the birthday girl and sing the song you have prepared for her in front of all the guests and confess your feelings to her. Make balloon delivery canada to your girlfriend living miles away from you and send your love and birthday wishes in the form of these lovely inflatables.

  1. Deliver a wonderful gift through her friend

If you cannot visit her personally, you can send your regards and love through a friend. You can take help of any of her friends and request them to feel your void by them visiting your beloved. They would be equalling excited to see their friend and won’t feel your absence and in the end, have a good birthday. You can buy a nice and romantic birthday gift for your girlfriend and send it with their friend and indirectly be present for their birthday celebration.

We hope these sentimental and heart touching ways convey your birthday wishes to your girlfriend in the most special way.

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