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Telegram clone of Whatsapp messages that self-destruct

by Deepak Sudera
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Telegram clone of Whatsapp messages that self-destruct

The subject of the instant messaging clients is the ultra fashionable in the last two or three years, have become so popular that no one who uses a smartphone sends SMS …or use the phone.

Telegram clone of Whatsapp messages that self-destruct

Telegram clone of Whatsapp messages that self-destruct

This idea that you have unlimited and “free” message is too good to pass up. Although all really paid one way or another for these services, either a subscription payment for a single application, our operator bill or even a ridiculous pack ofstickers .

In the popularity contest in a while we have a winner and a pair of second places that come attacking force. WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular application of this kind , and is mainly due to their availability into account platform is provided comes quickly and the more people use it, the more you look “forced” to use you, because that’s what everybody uses and if you want to communicate with people, you have no choice.

But the reality is that WhatsApp is terribly insecure , and anybody can read your conversations if he tries, in fact do not have to try too hard. And the company sits at the ceiling without resolving its security issues. It seems not to matter to anyone, anymore. And while people are still hiding behind the excuse that they do not share anything important by WhatsApp, and only use it to talk nonsense with your friends, this is nothing more than a pretty self-deception, or there are people who just talk nonsense.

WhatsApp Alternatives are many, and some of the most popular BlackBerry Messenger or Line . But even those who use other applications still maintain WhatsApp installed, that would otherwise have contact with those who could not communicate.

In the relentless pursuit of these new and innovative applications that do not stop your friends geeks, they recommended I try Telegram an instant messaging client that looks just like WhatsApp, but only outside.

What’s Telegram and offers?

Telegram clone of Whatsapp messages that self-destruct

Telegram clone of Whatsapp messages that self-destruct

Telegram is another instant messaging client for iOS and Android . Unlike WhatsApp , Telegram uses a system based in the cloud and is heavily encrypted . So that you can access your messages from multiple devices , and store an unlimited number of photos or videos on your cloud.

Telegram is free and without advertising , and now promises to stay that way until the end of time. Like WhatsApp, Telegram lets you add as contacts people whose phone number you have stored in your memory, but it gives you the option to block all the contacts you want directly from the setup menu, or from the wall of a user, not hidden under 20 clicks and a maze like WhatsApp. With Telegram you can also have group conversations with up to 200 contacts.

An open and non-commercial project

The creator of the application developed its own protocol for data management, open and secure, optimized to work with multiple data centers, which promises to do something highly secure service. This , in addition to its API protocol and source code Telegram are open and anyone can access them.

Telegram is quite young, was launched for iOS in August 2013, and to Android in October. Versions for Mac OS X and Windows (and probably Linux) are under development by independent developers using the open platform Telegram.

Telegram is not a commercial project, its developers do not intend to make money with this, or sell advertising of any kind. For now it is fully funded by its creators and Nikolai Pavel Durov, who say that if money is running out, then invite the community to make donations.

Messages that self-destruct and top secret chats:-

Telegram clone of Whatsapp messages that self-destruct

Telegram clone of Whatsapp messages that self-destruct

At first you think you are facing a simple WhatsApp clone, because it looks almost just like blue. But gradually you begin to notice differences, and differences that make it better. One of the best features of Telegram, is the option to start a secret chat .

Yes, I said that already Telegram is much safer than WhatsApp, or even Line, but even the most paranoid, Telegram gives an extra step and gives you encrypted messages between users that leave no trace on their servers and besides destruct according to the time you determine . These chats do not have access to the cloud and can only access it from the device on which they were sent.

Once the message destroyed, erased from your device and that of your friend. Disappears into nothingness. None of the users can forward messages from chats secrets, and once you finish a secret conversation, you prevent the other user continues to send messages. It is a rock.

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