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Take Better Pictures With These Three Tools

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Take Better Pictures With These Three Tools

The modern age is most definitely a digital one. We are constantly expected to log everything we can via video, image, or blog format. We want to record our experiences for future generations, while simultaneously impressing our peers with shots of an Instagram-worthy lifestyle. With social status now reflective of your camera angling skills, let’s talk how to improve those pictures to put you above the rest.

If you want pictures that pop off the page – listen up! We have three simple tools in mind that will change your camera game, for the better and forever. Don’t believe us? Give them a try and see for yourself before you judge.

The 3 Simple Tools to Take Better Pictures

So what are these three magical tools? We’ll start with the basics… Fixing what’s broken.

1 – Sugru Mouldable Glue

We can almost hear you groaning and asking what Sugru mouldable glue can do for your picture taking skills but hear us out. This product sets into a silicon firmness that is exceptionally durable, won’t break, and can hold any of your devices together until you get a new one, or until you get a professional fix.

What does this mean for a photographer? It means you can use it to mend a cracked phone screen or camera lens. You can use it to create your own digiscope mount, or to make objects in your images seem to float in the air using some clever sticking. It has all the properties of glue as well as all you would expect from a silicon. Add to this that you can mould it into any shape you like, and you start to see how useful it is for your camera bag. If you visit their page you can find out a bit more about Sugru and Photography DIY Projects.

2 – The Tripod

You might think that putting your phone on a tripod is a bit unnecessary, but once you see the smooth results you will change your mind. This is especially true for the likes of YouTube and Tik Tok, where you are producing short videos to entertain your followers. Jerky filmography is a no-no if you want the digital world to take you seriously.

For the purposes of the photography, a tripod is the best way to get a long-distance shot using a remote control for your phone or camera. It lets you frame up the shot, making sure the lines are parallel and therefore giving you a better picture altogether.

3 – The Ring Light

If you want to look fantastic in all shots, a ring light will work best. This gives you a gorgeous top, middle, and bottom three-point lighting that accentuates all your best features. A ring light is something like the old-world theatre dressing room mirrors that are lit by lightbulbs all the way around. This lets them catch every angle and see what they will look like under the bright lights of the stage. A ring light works by the same principles, making you look as pretty as possible for those cameras.

All you have to do to start using it is to sit it behind the camera, set your phone up by attaching it to the stand – or set it up beside the light, in your tripod – and start taking your shots. If your lighting still doesn’t look exact, you can raise it or lower it to accommodate your shooting height. It’s a nifty device that makes the best of us look better, and the worst of us look palatable on screen.

Start Taking Better Photographs – Now!

Now that you have access to these three things that will improve your picture quality, nothing can stop you from conquering that digital world. Get out there and shine!

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