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Should You Be Worried for Any Risk Regarding Himalayan Salt Lamps?

by Deepak Sudera
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Should You Be Worried for Any Risk Regarding Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Nowadays, you can often read about natural salt lamps on the internet although there is no doubt that these salt lamps are providing many health benefits, especially to those who have to fight against sleeping and respiratory disorders. Yes, having a salt lamp in a room indeed gives a very warm, soft and peaceful atmosphere. These lamps are best for those people who are seeking natural remedies. Increase not only the beauty of the room but also create instant vibes of relaxation.

However, Himalayan salt lamps also come up with few hazards. These hazards can limit its performance and different harmful things. Yes, you should be worried about the risks regarding Himalayan Salt Lamps. The list of its benefits is outweighed, but still, it can provide some major dangers to the health of pets and humans as well. Let’s have a look at the dangers of Himalayan Salt Lamps. 

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps


Salt Lamps are Fragile

Pure white to deep red is the main color range of salt lamps. White color salt lamps are the purest form of Himalayan salt lamps while the reddish color lamps are contaminated with different minerals. Except for color impartment, minerals can also reinforce the crystallization of these lamps. The crystal form of these salt lamps is brittle and highly fragile, and it can easily shatter.

Salt Lamps are Corrode

Salt has both properties of hygroscopic and corrosive, so don’t be surprised if you see water splashes on the surface where you have placed the lamp. The absorbing power of salt lamps is high as compared to other minerals. Are you live in humid areas? If yes then you can experience that water will dripping down from the surface where you have placed the Himalayan salt lamp. If the lamp is placed on a metal surface, then due to the chemical interaction that surface will be corroded away. Similar to metal surfaces, wooden ones are also standing at risks due to the frequent sweating property of salt, and it can also corrode away at any time.

Make sure you have placed a mat under these natural salt lamps. It can help your surface to stay safe against corrosion.

The durability of Salt Lamps

Durability level of Himalayan Salt Lamps is zero. Be extra careful while using these lamps because they are fragile and easily breakable.

Overweight Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are heavy, and they can range from 5 pounds to 50 pounds in weight. As the weight of the lamp increases, its price also increases. A heavier salt lamp has bigger crystals. Except for expensive shipping, the Himalayan Salt Lamps can disperse more light and impose more negative ions. With the properties of hand-hewn, these salt lamps can be lopsided. If the top of your lamp is heavy or it has a poor base than the chances of its breakage are high. Larger size salt lamps are more dangerous as compared to smaller ones because it can provide more damage to your kids and pets that unintentionally shake the table on which you have placed the lamp.

Dangerous or hazardous for animals

Salt lamps are the most dangerous thing for cats because they can cause salt poisoning. Cats have a curious nature. They love to lick every single thing they see, and due to their nature, they might taste the salt and harm themselves. Although salt is not a dangerous mineral for them. Normal cats can intake 16.7 mg salt per day. If the salt ingestion increase from the daily recommended amount then it can cause several damages to the health of your cat such as your cat may vomit, have diarrhea, accumulate too much liquid, have a seizure, fall into a coma or in the end it may die.

You can avoid these types of dangerous situations by placing the salt lamps at higher places that are not easily accessible by pets.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Electrical damages

The danger list of salt lamps also includes electrical and fire hazards. You may be wondering about how can a salt lamp catch fire or create electrical issues? Electrical hazards and fire issues are related to each other, and they are only created when a salt lamp has a poor holder that is attached to the base of the lamp. If the salt melts on the holder of the lamp, then this not only causes cord damages but also create a spark.

Dangerous for kids

A Himalayan salt lamp has significant dangers for the ids if you have placed it at the surface that is easily accessible by kids. Yes, they won’t lick the salt, but you don’t know when your kid is planning to do something. In different cases, salt lamps can also cause seizures to infants, and in rare cases, it can also cause gastric issues.

As compared to its advantages, the natural salt lamps also have disadvantages that you should not ignore.

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