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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 departure from Samsung’s plastic legacy

By on April 15, 2013 0

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 departure from Samsung’s plastic legacy


The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with good hardware and software combination. In galaxy S4 High end hardware and feature rich software. , the one area that many fans and smartphone watchers were hoping Samsung would change was the plastic build of its previous flagships. Now Samsung decided  to go with again plastic build and Samsung fans and Samsung competitors (HTC) both of crying about Samsung design.





Samsung build their new next-gen galaxy note using aluminum or similar material like Plastic. In Samsung report Samsung worried by the HTC success. the rave reviews the Taiwanese phone maker’s flagship has received with regards to the design and build quality.

The HTC Model HTC One is built by aluminum and unibody design is a delight to hold. Samsung wants to respond with a switch to a more durable material for the Galaxy Note 3. It will also be a different design in comparison to the S4, a change from the usual for the Korean electronics giant.

The specification of Samsung Galaxy note 3 is” It have 6 inch display with full HD and AMOLED Display. Interestingly, the source points out that the phablet will have even more Samsung-developed features than the S4. The Samsung galaxy note 3 will be running on Android new version (Latest version) and which could very well be android 5.0 key lime pie.

Let’s hope Samsung gets the design and build materials for the Note 3 right this time.


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