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Prominent Sectors for Jobs in Ajman

by Deepak Sudera
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Prominent Sectors for Jobs in Ajman

One of the seven Emirates and also the smallest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Ajman. It is a small modern city of the UAE with all modern services, facilities, and infrastructure. The economy of Ajman runs with the help of a few major sectors contributing a major share to the economy. These are the main sectors which provide ample jobs in Ajman. Businesses in the UAE are moving at a fast pace which has a direct impact on the growth of all the Emirates of UAE, including Ajman. Thus, the job market in Ajman shows a positive picture. With the implementation of the Value Added Tax recently and with the upcoming Expo 2020, job prospects in Ajman are better than ever.

Major sectors for jobs in Ajman

The major sectors contributing to the growth of the economy and providing jobs in Ajman include the following:

  • Free Zone: Ajman was given the status of a Free Zone in 1996. This has led to the tremendous growth of industries in the city, leading to the growth of a large number of companies. At present, the Free Zone can accommodate 1500 companies and serves over 1,000 vessels every year. This free zone has also opened up a good number of jobs in Ajman and has created a demand for skilled workers. Ajman Free Zone is widely recognized as an entrepreneurs’ hub today.
  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing sector is one of the most prominent sectors for jobs in Ajman. This sector contributes more than 35% of the revenue to the economy. Ajman’s industrial base has more than 250 industrial firms and it ranks third in UAE in this sector. Manufactured goods are exported to over 65 countries. The prominent names are Amtek Industries and Al Haramain Perfumes.
  • Construction: After manufacturing, the next sector which contributes a major share to the economy is the construction sector. At present, the construction sector contributes 15% of the revenue. The residential and the commercial construction markets are growing in the city as places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have become quite expensive.
  • Wholesale and retail trade and repair services: Another popular sector providing different types of jobs in Ajman is the sector involved in wholesale and retail trade and repair services. 13% of the revenue of the city comes from this sector.
  • Real estate and Business Services: The Ajman residential property market has shown a progressive growth in recent time as more and more people are looking for cheaper residence alternatives as compared to the neighboring emirates of Dubai and Sharjah. The real estate sector has opened up lots of job opportunities in Ajman. This sector contributes around 11% of the economy.
  • Transport, Storage and Communications: Investment in the transport, storage, and communications sector is growing almost every year in Ajman. This sector has a good demand for skilled workers.

Prominent cities for jobs in Ajman

Young professionals, both the locals and the expats, looking for jobs in Ajman, should look out for prospective opportunities in the main cities like as follows:

  • Ajman city: Popular for the Ruler’s office and the Ajman port, it is also a center for many companies, banks and commercial markets where professionals can find prospective jobs.
  • Al Manama city: This is a city known for its mineral deposits like as magnesium and chromate.
  • Masfout city: This is an agriculture city of Ajman where people are employed in the agriculture sector.

Jobs in Ajman may include working for these major sectors in the different prominent cities. The most popular jobs in Ajman include jobs in the field of Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources and Administration, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Media and Security etc.

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