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Most Popular Android Soccer Game

by Deepak Sudera
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Top Eleven Football Manager 2.1.1


Current version:- Top Eleven Football Manager 2.1.1
Requires Android version:- Android 2.2 and upper



Overview of Game:-

The most popular android game Football Manager on facebook now also available on android market. The game Requires Android 2.2 version and upper versions. In android market Football Manager 2.1.1 its current version of football game. When you play this game you will be able to invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email. Its a simple way to invite your friends playing Top Eleven with you.

You can create your own soccer club and play against your invited friends. In there many options like u choose Leagues, cups, championship, or Friendly match. Your Created football team play with your friends who ever using android based phone like iPhone, you also play it on Facebook or TopEleven.com.


features include:-

1. User can give individually training to your players and boost your performance.
2. User can Managing your team’s squad and finances.
3. Users can buying and selling players in live bidding system
4. Users can improve player performances skills like coaching, building up specific football skills, and mentally preparing players.
5. User can watch our match live.
6. Choosing between several sponsorship deals which could help you acquire financial goods and tokens.
7. Tracking your friends’ teams and even arranging friendly matches with them.


Some information to user:-

Full and good Internet access to connect to our servers
Good expendable memory card because this speeds up the game and saves your money as images are not always being downloaded.
Vibrations can be turned off in game settings because it can save your battery life and time.

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