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You must have seen that there is a very high percentage of women content in blogs vlogs and articles but no one covers the issues men face while exhibiting their fashion trends. selecting the correct brand and texture of your undergarments is a really big deal. We invest so much amount on our attire accessories and eating but we completely forgot to invest a handsome amount of money in our undergarments as well. Today’s blog is all about men fashion, trends, how to buy men underwear and issues they face to buy men undergarments online in Pakistan. What material you should go for and what colors? We will also highlight which online brands are giving the best quality underwear and if they are worthy to buy or not.


Short boxer: Most well-known type of underwear commonly used. Mostly it is made up of cotton shirt stuff and is super flexible. It is well suited to be worn with suits or pleated pants and it’s very loose-fitting. Frequently men either hate it or love it.

Briefs: They are cut so basically, they cover everything.they are short in size and don’t have anything on legs. It’s simply Y shape underwear and leading in undergarments section since forever most probably your grandparent would have worn it too. They are best for skinner clothing as it does not bunch up underneath of it and is more comfortable. If you sit a lot or wear skinny jeans, The brief is definitely a pair of underwear styles you are looking for and is the best option for you. The only con of brief is that it is old fashioned or maybe when you are on a date or when you exercise, It’s not the best choice and doesn’t offer a whole lot of support

Boxer briefs or trunks: Next fashion of underwear is boxer briefs or trunks. Some people think they are the best out of the world as it includes both styles of short boxers and briefs. On one hand they had the tapered cut of the boxer short just a little related and on the other hand, fitted like a brief. Greatest of the boxer briefs have an elastic waistband that is flat that is more suitable to wear. It is best for regular use

Prices of underwear vary from brand to brand. You can find local undergarments under 500 Rs and in Thousands as well. It totally depends on how much comfortable undergarments do you want and what is your skin type, A lot of premium brands use the words of Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton or sea island. It’s hard to trust which brand is promising right and which not.


1.WHITE: The classic underwear color is white. usually comes in cotton and it works all year especially during the winter when you wear thick clothes. Now in summer when you wear thinner fabrics even a white pair of pants, underwear can protect you from sweating.

2.GREY: You can get a pair of grey underwear which are much easier to find rather than the nudes and they are less transparent than the white ones. If you have the dark complexion you can wear grey underwear or something in a darker shade.

One of the famous brands of men undergarments online in Pakistan from where you can get online as well as good quality undergarments is Mendeez, Dekhawa, Chase Value center, Nightnight.pk.

Most people don’t care about which type of brand and material they are wearing and they take it very light, but We should be very careful while selecting brands of undergarments as cheap undergarments can lead us towards many diseases such as skin cancer, acne or hives.

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