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Lenovo Motorola purchase official

by Deepak Sudera
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Lenovo Motorola purchase official


The rumor has not lasted more than a few hours. Google has confirmed that Motorola is now Lenovo . The agreement was reached in exchange for 2.910 million.

The communicate Google confirms that the vast majority of Motorola patents precisely why it acquired two years ago for 12,500 million, is the will to meet the same objective: to strengthen the Android platform . The hardware part of their wealth for several reasons, including the economic and the threat to its allies.

Lenovo Motorola purchase official

Lenovo Motorola purchase official


Samsung and Google, the great alliance of Android

Google is out of the way to let a division quarter-to-quarter loss but also meant an indirect threat to manufacturers who had chosen Android. Precisely Samsung should not be very happy and I talked about that one could be thinking of a plan B . But it will not be necessary because Google no longer has an advantage.

Curiously, this move by Google comes just a few days after, when it seemed farther away, Google and Samsung signed an agreement to share patents for ten years and create a partnership that certainly offers plenty soon and that reinforces the idea that Samsung is the engine of Android.

If facing the MWC 2014 were expectantly to see what path to take Samsung service interface and its upcoming Galaxy S5 Android after separating much of last year, with this movement and corresponding chain reaction is probably everything has turned upside down.

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