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Rockstar Published New Screen For GTA V

GTA 5 PC petition drawn over 200,000 times

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GTA 5 PC petition drawn over 200,000 times


Rockstar Published New Screen For GTA V

Rockstar Published New Screen For GTA V

Long faces in the PC camp: “GTA 5” will initially only for consoles.With an online petition fans want Rockstar Games swayed.

Update (July 23, 2013)
The pressure on Rockstar Games is growing: Even more than 200,000 players in a petition demanding the implementation of the Action-Kracher’s potential ” Grand Theft Auto 5 ” for home computers – and rising.Given the huge demand is expected to PC version, especially since some vacancies of the company in the recent past it indicated.

Update (November 27, 2012) 
Grand Theft Auto 5 “is one of the most coveted title of the upcoming year. Still, the game does not seem the time being for the home computer. In an interview with a magazine developer Dan Houser responded evasively when asked about a version for PC. There is nothing set in stone, you prefer other platforms quite into consideration – if there is the right business opportunity and a market exists. »GTA 5: Fresh pictures disappointed PC gamers scent in this statement their opportunity and launched an online petition , by a total of 100,000 votes to gather for a PC implementation. Whether the call developer Rockstar Games actually affected is uncertain. This reveals that the demand is there. Nearly 48,000 gamers already signed the request.  Released “Grand Theft Auto 5”: spring 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

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