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7 Essentials for your Trip Up North

Don’t Forget to Keep these 7 Essentials for your Trip Up North

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Don’t Forget to Keep these 7 Essentials for your Trip Up North

Folks! Summers are here. We are super excited. What about you and your peers? We are sure you all must be happy as a clam too! And why you shouldn’t you be? After all, you spend your days and nights working on endless projects and deadline. You definitely deserve a 10-day break and reunite with yourself up in the majestic mountains.

Did someone say mountains? Yes, obviously summers and mountains go hand in hand. So who all is up for stargazing, camping and cherry-picking in the heavens of Pakistan? Well, is that even a question to ask? The mountains are calling and you must go. However, don’t forget the essentials back home. You are going to regret otherwise. Here’s a list of handy stuff which you must take along.

  1. Backpack

Don’t even think of going on long and hectic trips without a backpack. Or don’t if you think to have the superpower of holding infinite things with your two hands. Trekking towards the meadows with so much stuff would be a plus. Sounds a bit of a hassle, no? Hence, take a backpack to keep all the essentials like water bottle, food, and other belongings for crisis situations. Head over to The Warehouse to online shopping in Pakistan if you don’t have one.

  1. Power Bank

No wonder the northern areas are a great place to visit. But it comes with a package, especially if you are hooked to your devices. Half of the time there are no signals, but when your phone catches signals there’s no power supply. Therefore, keeping a fully charged power bank is in your best interests. This would also save you from your parents’ lecture filled with ‘beautiful’ words on your switched off the number.

  1. Sun Screen

It’s true that it’s mad cold up there but the sunshine is harsh. So harsh that it transforms your skin to a completely new thing. This is important to know especially if your skin is prone to painful allergies. Keep sunscreen with you at all times and do not leave the room without applying one. This is not just for you but the kids as well.

  1. Joggers and Walking Shoes

We know you want to flaunt your new strappy sandals but Hunza Valley is not the right place to do so. You may end up ruining your sandals while making sure everyone sees them. Keep the most comfortable shoes with you. Don’t go for looks but practicality. Wearing joggers in the mountain save you from multiple ankle sprains and injuries. So yes, think wisely.

  1. Mobile Cover

It’s always a better idea to keep a couple of mobile covers with you on a trip. The grounds are not leveled at all. Most places have rebellious stones which may hurt your phone if you accidentally drop it. Always keep at least two covers. One should still be there to save your phone if the other one gets damaged.

  1. Track Pants

It’s okay if you don’t find them trendy. Track pants are a necessity instead of a luxury when it comes to visiting hilly areas. It’s highly uncomfortable to hike with jeans and chinos because of their rigid fabric. Keep two to three-track pants and save your legs from scares and troubles while trekking.

  1. First Aid

Unforeseen circumstances can take you by surprise. Don’t let your overconfidence fool you and keep handy medical essentials with you. Even people with perfectly good health should have a small first aid pack with them. This should always include pain killers, bandages, ORS or any other medicine which you usually take.

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