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How to delete a contact from Whatsapp

by Deepak Sudera
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How to Delete a Contact From Whtsapp

whtsapp is the best social application for every user. main prob is  how to delete a contact from whtsapp.WhatsApp in recent times has become an essential application in our daily lives, to connect with another person, you just have his number. If this offers many advantages, at the same time exposes you to contact users with whom in reality you do not have all this confidence or want to chat.(contact from Whatsapp)

If you want to know how to delete a contact from your WhatsApp and do not know how, read our article from uncome.it. I’ll explain step by step!


How to delete a contact from Whatsapp

How to delete a contact from Whatsapp



1.) Open WhatsApp on your phone and, if you have Android, open the screen in the top right of the contact list.

2.) In this list appear as contacts all phone numbers that have installed this app, if you have Android displays contact and then with the key on the bottom left open the screen and choose ‘other’.

3.) If you have an iPhone, you simply slide your finger to the right over the contact’s name.

4.) If you have iphone crushes ‘eliminate’ the name of the person you want to delete from WhatsApp.

5.) If you have Android, you can lock the touch, but will continue to display it in the list. To eliminate that there is no other way to delete it from your phone’s address book.

6.) Done! Remember that to make sure that the person can not contact you, does not delete it from your address book phone numbers.

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