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One in every two recruiters prefers an individual equipped with a professional certification in data science while filling in a data science job role. Especially, if you are a fresh college graduate, the vitality of certification becomes even stronger. 

There exists an intense competition in the global job markets to bag an entry-level job position in the data analytics industry. Having said that, the role of skill-based data science certifications grow even larger. Being armed with industry-relevant credentials gives you a significant edge in the overall scheme of things when you appear for a job interview for a data analysis role. 

Global Big Data Analytics Market is Huge

Worldwide revenues to be generated from big data for the software and services industry are estimated to climb from USD 42 billion in 2018 to USD 103 billion in 2027, thereby surging the CAGR by 10.48%. Added to that, about 2.7 million job openings in data science will exist in the US in 2020. 

Why Acquire Online Data Analytics Certifications?

Apart from the reasons stated above, the online data analysis certifications help you gain industry-relevant skills in data collection, analysis, and interpretation. You will be able to use digital data to its maximum business potential by having a hands-on experience of doing the same while studying for the examination concerned with the certification. 

Career Advancement with Data-Analysis Training 

Data analysis certification programs are designed keeping in mind the trainees seeking to learn deriving patterns and trends among the raw data. One learns to apply the vital concepts of ‘applied statistics’ and ‘mathematics’ to the ‘big datasets’ after being enroled in one of the comprehensive programs of such kind. 

The benefits of taking up an online data analytics certification program: 

  • Learn how to collect, interpret, and analyze big data.
  • Get familiar with data-examination and visualization tools that help extract valuable insights out of the available data.
  • Helps you build a sense of decision-making utilizing data, that eventually leads to positive business outcomes.
  • Develop an ability to effectively communicate and interpret results to non-technical and technical audiences. 

Industries One Can Immediately Work in Post Receiving the Certification

The immediate application of gained skills in data analysis after successfully acquiring a certification can be put to varied industries that comprise:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Natural resources
  • Business & finance
  • Environmental agencies
  • Any industry wherein data analysis and research is needed. 

Master the IT & Software Skills Used in Carrying Out Data-Analysis 

The most critical skills relating to a career in data analytics are the software (coding) skills that empower data scientists to develop ML algorithms that eventually help making a machine smarter. Certifications in data science that are comprehensive, make students learn the basics and advance concepts in coding & programming. Learning related to statistical analysis is another important element of the studies concerned with data analysis certifications

What Else You Learn When Enroled in a Certification Teaching Software Skills in Data Science:

    • Using the new-age data mining tactics for data-collection through designed experiments and surveys. 
    • Performing statistical analysis with varied kinds of data.
    • Communicating results via tables and graphs to a diverse group of stakeholders each equipped with different levels of technical understanding. 
    • Making use of R and SAS for statistical analysis.  

Big Data Analytics – Topmost Priority in 2020 for a Majority of Corporations

77% of the top-tier organizations around the world believe that data analytics will be a critical factor to their business growth in the times to come. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 9% of the professionals employed in computer and math occupations are certified, which is surprisingly low. 

Professional certifications in data analytics are proving to be game-changers in 2020, and with the ever-increasing scope of data across industry domains, the value of certifications will further rise in the job market. It’s highly recommended that you acquire at least one such certification that provides you with a competitive edge.   

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