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90% of income has reduced to because of Coronavirus – Uc News

by Deepak Sudera
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90% of income has reduced to because of Coronavirus – Uc News

Perhaps you don’t know Uc News has given a serious employment base to the Indian bloggers. Various bloggers who could not earn that much money using Google AdSense and other online money making platforms became creators at Uc News.

Many of the bloggers were fully hooked into the Uc News income but now they got a serious shock as Uc News announced that thanks to the coronavirus problem, they are going to reduce everyone’s income. As we all know Uc News was not paying that much amount nowadays, many creators had already left the platform due to the low income and now at the present moment, many will leave this platform again.

I want to form one thing very clear that it’s not getting to affect the We media platform because sooner or later they might get again various creators because unemployment problem in India is a very big issue. People do not want to leave a single chance to earn money, so if you are a Uc News creator, I want to make a request to you that do not leave the media platform to make money online because sooner or later they would start paying a good amount of money to attract various we media creators.

Hence you can earn again, so it’s better to wait rather than leaving the wemedia platform. I also want to clarify that I’m also a wemedia creator and thanks to the low income, I’m not getting to work on UC news until further notice.

As soon as they would start paying a good amount of money, I would start working again because no one should waste their time. So what you should do now.  Reduction in income is not only related to Uc News we media platform but it is related to the Google AdSense and other affiliate products also.

You can see the reduction in income in Google AdSense as well and due to the coronavirus various advertising agency have pulled out their hands from the advertisement expenses and now they are waiting for the situation to be normal.

So until the situation becomes normal, you would see the reduction in income in every online business platform. So it is better to stick to the platform where you are working and wait for the situation to become normal. As soon as the situation would become normal advertisement agencies would start paying and bid higher and it would affect creators’ income and this is applicable to Google AdSense and another affiliate program as well.

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