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5 Unique places for couples to eat and drink in the world

by Deepak Sudera
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5 Unique places for couples to eat and drink in the world

Travel and food are almost best friends. If you are traveling alone, it is easy to crash and lounge at places without thinking much about the ambiance. But for a couple, the ambiance becomes as crucial as the food and the drinks to complement the same. Today everyone is busy uploading pictures on the social media platform. Hence, the importance of the aesthetic look of any restaurant is sought after. If you are looking for such places to spend a romantic evening with your partner, then this one’s for you.



Undoubtedly food is an indispensable part of any holiday. Many Resorts come with lunch, brunch, dinner, and so on deals. They try to make your experience with them memorable and worthwhile. But have you ever wondered why not try out something unique? Why not visit an offbeat place?

Today we have floating restaurants, underground gastropubs, vault restaurants, romantic island getaways, and so on. There are too many options.

Whether it be a glass of je t’aime with jambalaya or famous New York pizzas with coke, food and drinks make the most of your vacation.

Here are some of the most unusual places for couples to enjoy and spend some quality time together.

  • Ithaa: This is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world. And this tag has been given to it by the New York Daily News in 2014. Ithaa is an underwater restaurant. The restaurant is situated five meters below the surface. Here you can dine with your beloved and enjoy a 180-degree panoramic view.


The restaurant gives you a chance to enjoy your meal nestled in the coral gardens. Ithaa means ‘mother of pearl’ in the Maldivian language, and this place is nothing less than the embodiment of celestial view. The restaurant is not just an attraction; it has good food too. Ithaa has a delectable menu that has exotic food like caviar. Along with that, they have a full four-course meal and menu offers. The place exclusively serves a European six-course spread to its consumers. And to satiate your thirst, the establishment serves mid-morning cocktails.

  • El Diablo “The Devil”: This restaurant is going to leave you flabbergasted. Ask why? Well, here your food will be cooked on an active volcano. Yes! You read that right. The restaurant is on an island called Lanzarote, in Spain. The restaurant has an entertaining history.


 In 1970, Cesar Manrique was a little adventurous and built a restaurant around the stove of a volcano. He named it El Diablo. The cooks here use the heat (of course not the raw flame of the volcano) to make the food. El Diablo serves a three-course meal to its consumers. The customers can take a tour of this marvelous place and the beauty of the isolated surroundings. This place is not just a memorable getaway for couples, but also equally exciting.

  • Sur un Arbre Perche: If you are seeking a zen and cozy atmosphere, then this is it. Ever wondered what it would be like to experience childhood swing stories again? Think not, because this place has it all set for you. Sur Un Abre Perche is a beautiful restaurant in Paris that has it all. For couples, this is almost a must-visit when in Paris. You can have food on a swing! The place screams solace and relaxation.


You can even experience some spa time and Shiatsu massage. The restaurant has an extreme love for the environment; the same essence is in the food. Chef Thierry Babet has commendably formed a menu that includes French delicacies. He uses a fine ingredient like Foie Gras, and meat and fish. For couples, this is a good date spot. Not every restaurant offers the fun of swing with a comfortable ambiance and French food. The restaurant welcomes intimate lovers as well as business clients.

  • Chillout: When in the Middle East don’t forget to visit this phenomenal restaurant. This ice lounge in Dubai is one of the most popular tourist attractions. This one will require you to put on as much as warm clothes as you can. Because at -6 degrees, you will quite literally chill out here. This place is one of the must-visit for tourists. This one will leave you with an experience that you will never forget. The interior is full of ice sculptures, ice seats, and tables, all of which will mesmerize you. And to keep you warm, the lounge has a piping hot menu. They serve hot soups, desserts, sandwiches, and mock-tails. Though the menu is not that promising, the view and experience are worth it.
  • Hajime robot: Hajime robot in Bangkok is a paradise for a tech-savvy. It is a fave for Geeks who have a unique place in heart for tech and robots. Here mini-robots serve the food. They serve both lunch and dinner with popular Asian cuisines and dishes. Hajime is a Yakiniku restaurant. Here you will have samurai robots at your service. The Japanese cuisine served here is popular and promising. Overall imagine yourself on a vacation and two robots dressed as Samurais serve your food, imagine how exciting that will be!

In the world of selfies and crazy landscapes, take a little risk, be a little experimental. This time when on holiday, visit an off-beat place with your bae. Instead of visiting all the Instagram-worthy places try out some of these places around the world. Make the moments you spend with your bae memorable.

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