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10 Must-Have Tools for Appliance Repair

by Deepak Sudera
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10 Must-Have Tools for Appliance Repair

Electrical science has revealed to us the true nature of light and provided us with innumerable appliances and instruments to make our life easy. There are a number of firms that make the quality modern appliances and make our kitchen worth of new appliances, like washer, dryer, refrigerator, and oven. Though these appliances are made to make our life hassle-free the machinery is subject to damage. Especially during summers, you can’t stand a single day without a refrigerator, and if it is not cooling properly you immediately start looking for same day refrigerator repair.  That’s the wisest decision you can make for your appliances when they are broken or not functioning properly. More you can do is get the assistance of appliance repairman who has the proper tools for the job. Well, some repairs demand specific tools. We have put together a list of 10 must-have tools for appliance repair. You can place them in your store or kitchen cabinets.

1- Screwdriver set

You need a Phillips style and a slot screwdriver kit as a minimum requirement to start with your appliance repair work. However, the type of screwdriver required for repair varies from appliance to appliance. Most of the appliance repairmen use inexpensive Torx screws. Consider the appropriate cordless drill/driver and an extensive screwdriver bit set. The bit size should be used correctly irrespective of whatever size or type of screw you are trying to remove.

2- Wrench Set

These socket wrench sets are handy for most of the repairs. Wrench set used for appliance repair needs to be a combination wrench set in English, metric or standard sized box wrench sizes. Besides this set, you can also use the adjustable open-end wrench whose jaw is adjustable to accommodate various sized bolts and nuts.

3- Pliers

Standard size pliers are used most commonly to unleash hose clamps. However, needle-nose pliers are perfect for dripping down small pieces. These nose pliers can be used to bend or cut the wires. And if you want to unfasten the water hose fitting on dishwashers or washers, then purchase channel-lock pliers only.

4- Nut Driver Kit 

The screwdriver bit set that you purchase from the market should have several sized nut drivers. Most commonly used nut drivers are available in ?, 5/16, and ¼ inch sizes. We recommend you to have both metric and English sizes because some appliances require metric fasteners too.

5- Putty Knife 

Putty knife is another valuable tool used during appliance repair. Aside from spreading putty, it is used for scraping the debris, dust, and mildew during the appliance repair and prying the components that fit tab to the slot. Make sure the knife you buy should be lightweight and have a comfortable grip. If you follow the above instructions, you will be able to complete your jobs and dispose of the tools when done (in case you purchase disposable putty knife)

6- Multimeter 

Also known as VOM, it is an electronic measuring instrument that shows several measurement functions in one unit. Along with this tool, you can also purchase microammeter with a moving pointer to display the readings. With basic knowledge of this toolkit works, you can test and diagnose nearly every electrical component in any appliance. This will help you identify the current flow present in specific parts of appliances. For example, if it tests negative, you will need to do further testing to find out the actual reason behind the appliance not working. If malware is detected, it’s easy to replace a vital part of the appliance.

7- Safety Goggles 

Personal safety is far more important than simply doing things unprofessionally putting your health at risk. Safety glasses or protective goggles can keep your eyes safe from particles or chemicals during repairs. This is because safety eyewear conforms to a higher standard of impactful resistance in comparison to regular eyeglasses. If any appliance repairmen visit your home to check the appliance, advise him to wear safety goggles first and then start other work.

8- Flashlight

Flashlights are used to provide light in small areas where needed during appliance repair.

9- Thread-sealing Tape

Use the thin, white tape on some threaded pipe fittings in appliances to prevent leaks.

10- Work Gloves

Even the simplest repairs can expose you to sharp edges or hot surfaces. So, wear gloves to protect your hands from any mishap.

This was a complete list of must-have tools for appliance repair. If you don’t want to purchase them and not an expert in repairing the appliances. You can take the Same Day Service Appliance Repair from the experts of this domain who don’t have just experience but also knowledge. Just give them a call for immediate appliance repair on the same day. From washers, ovens, and fridges to dishwashers, they will check, install, repair and provide you quality service.

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